COV Tempest 200 Watt, Triple-18650 Box Mod Review


Ever since I got my Wismec Reuleaux 200S I’ve been hooked to the idea of a powerful triple-battery mod, and the COV Tempest fits right into that mould.

In this review, I show you a 360 degree view of the Tempest by Council of Vapor (COV), go in-depth with the features and menu system, and give you my overall thoughts on this unique-looking mod.

COV Tempest Pros

The one thing you notice right away is the design. Unlike the Wismec Reuleaux RX200S which is the optimal shape for a triple 18650 battery, the Tempest is optimal for the human hand, especially the right hand.

So it’s not symmetrical, because your hands are not either. But you’ll be surprised by how natural it feels when you grip it. With your left hand its a bit awkward though, but since I’m a right hander I can’t really be sure if a leftie would be comfortable.

The build quality is good, but the top and bottom plates are easily scratched. It does feel like a premium device, but the main problem with the Tempest is how it works.

COV Tempest Cons

The biggest issue with the Council of Vapor Tempest is the menu system. I think you’ll find a lot of other reviewers with the same opinion. I mean, the RX200S got it right. I can adjust my wattage easily in power more or temperature control mode.

With the Tempest however, I have to navigate using presets (M1, M2 and M3) all the time. Even to make a simple wattage adjustment, I have to get to the preset I want and it’s all just a big confusing mess.

In temperature control mode, the Tempest preheats up to 60W and I cannot adjust my wattage manually. That’s fine for me since its ony 60W, but being able to adjust wattage would mean I can get a better ramp up time for my personal vaping experience.

Also, no USB port mean no firmware upgradeability.

COV Tempest – Yes or No?

YES if you already have an RX 200 or RX200S, YES if you need a powerful mod for wattage mode, YES if you have a lot of money to burn.

NO if you don’t need anything above 40W. NO if this is your first 200W-capable mod. NO if you need USB charging. NO if want to experiment with temperature control. NO if you want firmware upgrades.

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