Rcomen Pico-S: Pico RTA with Joyetech CLR Adapter!


In my previous review of the Pico RTA clone, I talked a little bit about the Pico-S, a pimped-up version of the popular Pico. In this video I do a complete review of the Pico-S, that solves everything you don’t like about the Pico while maintaining the flavor.

Here are the specs for the Pico-S:

  • Removable 510 drip tip
  • PEI tank with 3ml juice capacity
  • Top filling with two large fill ports
  • Adjustable airflow control (4 air holes on the AFC ring)
  • Dual poles design for single coil build
  • 510 threading with stainless steel center pin
  • 22mm overall diameter, 47mm height
  • Joyetech CL-R rebuildable atomizer adapter
  • Spare tank, o-rings and screws

Pico-S: Review & Wicking

What makes the Pico-S interesting is that it is an “improved clone” by Rcomen. The build deck is exactly the same as regular Pico clones, but a few things have been modified:

  • The 4 small pill holes have been replaced with 2 large fill ports
  • The single airflow has been changed to dual airflow, with larger diameter
  • The wicking holes have been reduced in size and placed at the bottom, instead of in the middle
  • The top part of the evaporation chamber is no snap-on with an oring to hold in on place
  • Overall, more airflow through the RTA
  • 3-piece adapter for the popular Joyetech Ego One CLR rebuildable head, that has a tiny chamber and produces great flavor
  • The juice capacity with the CLR adapter is now 3.5ml

So you can see why I say this isn’t a strict Pico clone. It’s basically a clone of what would have been a Pico Version 2 if Yellowkiss would have ever released it.

Wicking with the Joyetech CLR head is really easy, but rebuilding on it takes some patience. Even so, it’s still easier than having to unscrew and put back that regular chamber.

The CLR adapter fits well (watch the video on how to set it up) and I could scren in the CLR nice and tight. The flavor from the CLR is amazing.

Building with the Rcomen Pico-S regular chamber is also easy, since the wicking holes are at the bottom. However, be careful when filing it up as it may leak a bit more than the regular Pico.

Pico-S: Issues and Quality

One potential issue here is the AFC ring. Twisting it regularly may wear down the o-ring and cause the the AFC to become loose. You should lubricate the AFC oring with a little bit of juice if you tend to mess around with the airflow a lot.

The top o-ring (at the bottom of the driptip) is also harder to get in place. I found it easier to just drop the oring from the top after assembling the tank, and pushing it down with the driptip.

Othwise, the Pico-S was rocking all night long with the CLR. I never owned a Joyetch tank that used the CLR, but I got one just to test it out with the Pico-S. Now I absolutely love it.

The Pico-S, unlike the regular Pico clones, has an airier vape. It would be perfect for fruity flavors, or mint flavors. It’s definitely something you want to pick up and add to your collection!

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