Cleaning Out Your HCigar VT Inbox


If you own a HCigar VT Inbox, you know that it’s pretty impossible to get your squonk tube out for cleaning. Unlike almost all other squonk mods I’ve used, the tube is non-standard and is attached to a pin hidden from view.

You can try to force it out by pulling hard, but I doubt that will work.

You know there is juice somewhere on the other end of the tube. If you can always smell the stuff you vaped on a month ago, it’s a sign that it’s time to clean shit out.

But how do you do it?

 HCigar VT

First, you need to get an Allen key and remove all four screws on the body. You also need to remove the two screws holding the 510 port in place. Then, loosen the 510 port gently and tug it out. You’ll now see the wires connected to the DNA75 board.

body section

Remove the Delrin body section as well. Be careful when you do this as the buttons will fall out. Do not lose your buttons! You cannot get the parts out completely without undoing the soldering of the wires, but that’s ok.

Delrin body section

If you un-twist the wires, you will get enough wiggle room to get to the inner squonking pin that holds the tube in place. You’ll get to get those two screws out, and remove the squonking pin.

squonking pin

So as you can see. the tube is attached to this pin. Because of the position and the way the pin is designed, it will be impossible to get the tube out without taking this part out. Now, you can actually detach the tube and clean it up.

squonking pin

Once your tube is clean, attach it to the pin, and put everything back together. You’ll have to put the buttons in place, position the DNA75 board and Delrin body in place, and put the 510 port back into position. Then, put all the screws back.

Remember, you can do this without having to undo the soldering of the wires. However, it takes time. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up losing some of the screws.

I do wish it was easier to get the tube out for cleaning, but this is how it was designed. If you’re looking for a squonk setup to get started with, the VT Inbox is still a great deal. I also have a complete list of affordable squonk mods that you may want to check out.

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