Ijoy Tornado Nano Review & Rewicking Test


I missed out on the IJoy Tornado full size RTA, so I was more than happy to try the IJoy Tornado Nano.

Here are the important specs for the Tornado Nano:

  • Stainless steel construction, pyrex glass tank
  • Holds 4ml of juice
  • Included color-changing tank, and lots of alternatives you can buy seperately
  • 25mm diameter width & 50mm height
  • RBA deck included, with Velocity-styled deck

IJoy Tornado Nano: Pros

Well first off, I think the build quality is excellent. I’m not a fan of short tanks, especially short and fat ones. That being said, I think this is a keeper.

It comes with an RBA section so I’m not stuck to buying coils. The RBA section may have a learning curve, and you may get some leaks if you don’t wick it properly.

In my experience though, I had no major issues wicking the iJoy Tornado Nano deck, and it can fit some mighty big coils.

The 510 center pin protrudes out a bit, so you can use this on your hybrid mech mods with ease. The red mod you see in the video is not a hybrid.

IJoy Tornado Nano: Cons

The coils appear to be re-wickable but I could not do it with my first try. Perhaps I was just too impatient. Anyways as you can see in the video, I completely destroyed it.

Some people say you can wick it by running the cotton through the cool from one side. So it’s possible but perhaps not practical.

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