The Top Squonk (Bottom-Feeding) RDAs.

With the release of the Kanger Dripbox and the Dripbox 160, squonking became mainstream. However, the RDAs included in the most squonking kits are pathetic, and the sooner you replace them the better.

But finding a good squonk RDA can be a real challenge. They are basically regular RDAs with a bottom-feeding center pin, mostly included in the extras kit and hardly even mentioned in the description.

I’ve gone through great pain to identity these squonk / bottom-feeding RDAs for you. I made this list after searching through hundreds of pages on a dozen online stores.

I did not include squonk RDAs that have been discontinued, custom made or modified ones, or RDAs that are only available as part of a “squonking kit”. Everything you see on this page, you can buy immediately.

I’ve divided this into 22mm squonkers, 24mm squonkers and tube squonkers since the list is getting pretty long. I will keep growing this squonk RDA list over time, so make sure you bookmark this page.

22mm Squonk RDAs

The largest selection of bottom-feeding RDAs are the 22mm range, and I’ve listed them here so you can easily find one that fits your squonker.

Vandyvape Berserker MTL RDA

Vandyvape Berserker MTL RDA  – $35

I am not usually impressed by a VandyVape product, but this is a welcome exception. As you can see in my review, this is a well-built, well-designed Mouth-To-Lung RDA.

The magic here is the ability to get direct bottom airflow on an RDA. Plus, you can change the airflow easily by swapping the PEEK tubes, leaving your coils and wicks in place.

At just 18mm, this RDA would look out of place on your mod if not for the included 22mm and 24mm beauty rings. It has a very tight draw, perfect for super-restricted lung hits to genuine MTL hits.

Gas Mods GR1 RDA

Gas Mods G.R.1 RDA  – $35

The new RDA by Gas Mods can easily be mistaken for a high-end $150 rda. This is no accident, since the company has years of experience designing and manufacturing high-ends RDAs for other brands.

22mm with removeable airflow inserts make it very flexible. A “slammed” design mearuing less than 20mm in height without a driptip. The flavor is really intense on the G.R.1 and it’s pretty easy to work with.

Plus, there are tons of caps and driptips by Gas Mods at really affordable prices. You can mix and match easily and it will look great on a whole lot of squonk mod setups.

NarCa RDA Clone Squonk

NarCa RDA (Clone) – $11

The NarCa RDA is the latest from NarMods, the same people who made the legenday NarDa RDA. The NarDa has long been hailed as the king of flavor for a single-coil squonking RDA. 

The NarCa maintains the signature airflow style, with some modifications. It’s 22mm and uses flathead scews. rSince this is very new there’s not much reviews up yet, but I will be updating this page soon with some actual feedback. 

The Coppervape clone also has an ultem (PEI) topcap sold seperately.

Hadaly RDA Clone Squonk

Haku RDA (Clone) – $20

The Haku RDA is one of the most popular 22mm flavor-chasing squonk RDA in 2017. While the authentic costs about $100 and is only available through secret Facebook groups, you can grab this YFTK clone of the Haku right away.

It’s a single-coil, low-profile RDA with an unique airflow. In my review of the Haku, I told you that I had a great experience with it from the first build. I still feel that way and my Haku is still on top of my squonk RDA list. There are two versions, but this is the Haku Phenom clone which I prefer.

Hadaly RDA Clone Squonk

Hadaly RDA – $65

(SXK Hadaly Clone for $15)

The Hadaly RDA is one of the best flavor-chasing RDAs I have personally used, and comes with the squonk pin at no extra cost. It has a low-profile and a unique single-coil clamp-style deck. You can buy replacement colored or ultem topcaps to complete the look.

It’s a 22mm atty with a minimalist exterior design, and adjustable side airflow. I’ve used it with the Hcigar VT Inbox and the Geekvape pre-built coils for an amazing vape, and thats why the Hadaly is at the top of this list.

The authentic has been discontinued since the Entheon, however you can some pretty good clones.

Hadaly RDA Clone Squonk

Entheon RDA – $87

(SXK Entheon Clone for $15)

The Entheon RDA by Psyclone Mods is the successor to the Hadaly. It solves all the issues most people had with the Hadaly (like over-squonking) and comes with tons of extras. 

You’ll get a stainless steel beauty ring, two types (stainless steel and Delrin) of wire-bore driptips, two types of 510 driptips, and matching driptip adapters. With a new clamp style and more restricted airflow, you’ll love using the Entheon.

Hadaly RDA Clone Squonk

Odis O-Atty V1 RDA – $87

(O-Atty Clone for $11)

The O-Atty version 1 by Odis Collection is near legendary. I would say it’s on par with the Narda. A 22mm RDA, the only pain with it is the build deck. Thos clamps are difficult to work with.

Once you get the hang of it though, you’ll truly appreciate the flavor you get out of the O-Atty. Odis collection also as a 25mm version and lots of caps for the O-Atty. 

Goon 22 Squonk RDA

Hussar RDA (Clone) – $16

The Hussar RDA is a tiny 22mm, stylish squonking RDA that will look great on any mod. It fits 510 driptips only, and has a super-small chamber. It’s pretty much the same deck as the Hussar RDTA, except you do not have a tank at the bottom. 

The new squonk system distributes juice evenly on both sides. The Hussar RDA also comes with a new design cap. Getting an authentic invoilves joining a secret Facebook group.

Hadaly RDA Clone Squonk

Armor 1.0 RDA (Clone) – $20

The most overhyped RDA of all time, the Armor! Its a tiny RDA that can pack a punch, and was designed for squonking.

With a 22mm diameter, you can fit medium sized builds for both single or dual-coil setups. The thing that makes the Armor different is the airflow. Expect a smooth vape with minimal spitback and awesome flavor, even with the clone.

The authentic is almost impossible to get, but this 1:1 clone by YTFK is a really good substitute.

Goon 22 Squonk RDA

Nixon V1.5 RDTA – $25

Before you ask me, let me tell you that I have no idea what the Version 1 of this looked like. However, from the moment I saw the Nixon RDA by Gas Mods I was truly excited to try it. My review is coming, but let me tell you what I know about it so far.

Its a 22mm flavor-chasing single-coil RDTA that looks the part of a high-end RDA. You can get it in black or satin, but you can also easily pick up the GasMods driptips and Ultem/Delrin caps at just below $6. It holds 2ml of juice and refilling is pretty tough unless you use it for squonking.

For an authentic RDA, at this price and will affordable accessories, it’s a no-brainer.

Goon 22 Squonk RDA

Vaponaute Le Concorde (Clone) – $15

There are very few good MTL squonk RDAs listed here, but I wil be adding more in the next few weeks. Perhaps the most anticipated of all is the Vaponaute La Concorde RDA.

I have reviewed the authentic Le Concorde here, so you can see how it works. It’s 22mm with tight airflow on one side. You can use the 3x1.8mm holes for a super-restricted vape, or the single hole for a MTL.

You’ll find both SXK and YFTK clones with the link below. The SXK clone does come with a nice little driptip!

Goon 22 Squonk RDA

Vandy Vape Pulse 22 – $30

The Pulse 22 RDA is a collaboration between Tony B (Vapor Trail Channel) and Vandy Vape.

This 22mm RDA has many innovative features like the sloping side airflow tubes & single coil postless build deck. It’s also the only 22mm RDA here that fits an 810 size driptip other than the goon.

The secret to getting good flavor from the Pulse 22 is making good use of the larger build area, with a 3.5mm or 4mm ID coil. The price is good and the build quality is great, a winner for the lower end of the market.

Goon 22 Squonk RDA

Goon 22 RDA – $50

The Goon 22 is not as popular as the 24mm version, also on this list. Its’ 22mm in diameter and and looks exactly like the larger Goon, except of course the overall build deck is smaller.

Like the full sized Goon, it does not come with a squonking pin. You can either buy the pin seperately from 528 Customs, or buy a cheaper alternative using the link below for just $1 and it fits perfectly.

One thing that sets the Goon 22 apart from the other dual-coil squonkers is the airflow and flavor. There’s just something about the Goon that makes it great.

Aromanizer V-RDA Squonk

Chutulu Hastur – $19

The Hastur by Chutulu Mods is a 22mm RDA with Velocity-style build deck. It’s pretty short too – at 31mm – the second shortest RDA in this list. The additional “swirling airflow” (removeable) makes the build area slightly much smaller than it should be, but adds a really nice touch of flavor and reduces spitback.

2mm post holes means you can fit larger wires in here, but again the reduced space is a factor. If you own a Kanger Dripbox, this bottom-feeder is the probably the best option for you. Go with a simple (0.3ohm) 24g / 7 wrap / 3mm build, or a Clapton build, and you’ll hit the sweet spot.

Excellent build quality but shitty packaging. The price is unbelievable good for an authentic, so I’m not complaining.

Aromanizer V-RDA Squonk

Oumier Wasp Nano – $17

Oumier has hit a home run with the Wasp Nano. Its a tiny 22mm single-coil RDA that reminds me of the Hadaly, although it’s much cheaper.

Its’ pretty low profile too, and is easy to build on. The massive posts reduce the build deck, and the side airflows are compareable to the Hadaly.

You can now get the Wasp Nano in clear or all-black as well. I have to say the black version looks fantastic. This is the best authentic squonk RDA under $20, hands down.

Velocity RDA Clone Squonk

Velocity RDA (Clone) – $9

For $9, this Velocity RDA clone is an awesome beast that can chuck serious cloud. Unlike other clones that come with only a copper 510 center pin, this clone comes with a squonk replacement pin as well.

Of course, it has a Velocity deck as well which means that you can put in some crazy builds in here easily. The authentic Velocity also came with a (better designed) 510 squonk pin, but its way too difficult to find an authentic today.

The Dead Rabbit RDA

Dead Rabbit SQ RDA – $35

The Dead Rabbit SQ is the 22mm little brother of the Dead Rabbit RDA. The post design is similar, but for a single coil. This version also features a MTL-like airflow, although I don’t think of it as a MTL RDA.

Plus, there are some incremental improvements on this like the anti-spin lock.The airflow is more restricted than you would expect.

The flavor is good but not as intense on true single-coil squonking RDAs. It’s possible to do a dual-coil build on this, which I think will give you better flavor than a single coil.

Narda RDA Clone Squonk

NaRda RDA (Clone) – $15

The NarDa RDA is in the same category as the Hadaly. Like the Hadaly, it’s meant for a single coil build. It’s also 22mm in diameter and has minimalist design with a low-profile.

The key difference with the Hadaly is the clamp-style deck and the airflow. Personally I think the Hadaly is better in both, but the NarDa isn’t too far off. Try buiding on this with the Geekvape pre-built coils and you can get amazing flavor and vapor with a single coil.

Maze V2 RDA Squonk

Hcigar Maze V2 RDA – $22

The Maze V2 22mm RDA with has adjustable bottom airflow, and a bottom-feeding pin included. If you have the  Hcigar VT Inbox squonk kit, it’s the same RDA but the a-la-carte version has a gorgeous engraved body.

The Velocity-style deck should be familiar to you, but the Maze V2 also has a hat-style top-cap which some people just hate. I love the Maze V2 and its airflow, but I have to admit it’s not any better than the Velocity RDA clone I feature here. For an authentic, the price is great.

Squonk Mods

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Get the most out of your squonk RDA with a powerful, beautiful squonk mod. I’ve got a complete list of the best squonkers for you!

24mm & Larger Squonk RDAs

The 24mm squonk category is growing, and I’ve listed them here so you can maximize your squonk mods that support larger atomizers.

B2K RSA Squonk RDA

The B2K RSA – $67

Technically, this is a 23mm RSA (Rebuildable Squonk Atomizer) but you do get beauty rings that make it 24mm. In fact, you get four different sets of topcaps, 810/510 driptips, adapters, and beauty rings. 

Uses a postless deck that is quite forgiving, so it’s pretty easy to get good flavor and vapor. The build quality is excellent, and this is perhaps the best value for money squonk RDA on this list!

If I was giving out awards I would definitely name the B2K as the best squonk rda of 2017.

The Flave RDA

The Flave RDA (Clone) – $16

If you’ve been looking for a single-coil 24mm squonk RDA, this is what you need! Think of it as a larger, badder Hadaly. 24mm in diameter with side adjustable airflow, it comes with a wide bore Ultem driptip (non-standard) and the squonking pin.

This clone by SXK is so good and affordable, but the authentic is pretty well priced too. The Flave took a lot of the best parts from other squonk RDAs, and made the best of it.

I cannot wait for the RDTA version of the Flave for my squonking needs.

The Dead Rabbit RDA

Dead Rabbit RDA – $22

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a collobation between YouTube Review Heathen and Hellvape. It’s become so popular that I almost have to include it here, especially since it can squonk!

It’s a 24mm RDA with a real easy build deck meant for large coils. You can easily slide your coils in and get the perfect dual coil build. It has an aggressive design and comes in many different colors, including an all-black matt finish.

SXK Kryten Squonk RDA Clone

SXK Kryten RDA (Clone) – $15

Psyclone Mods hit paydirt with the Hadaly RDA, but the Kryten has nothing in common except that it also has a squonk pin.

This SXK clone of the Kryten is fabulous, well machined and even comes with a resin driptip. 24mm in diameter with side adjustable airflow, you can get great flavor from the Kryten.

The design is minimalist, so it up to your taste, but it does what its supposed to do darn well.

Goon 24 Squonk RDA

Vandy Vape Pulse 24 – $35

This is basically the 24mm version of the Pulse 22, but now with the ability to use dual coils.

It maintains the innovative airflow and post-less deck, and comes in many different colors as well. Reviews are still coming in for the Pulse 24, and I will update this section accordingly.

Goon 24 Squonk RDA

Goon 24 RDA – $45 to $60

SJMY Clone for $12

This RDA has achieved iconic status, but most people use it as a regular RDA instead of a squonker. The truth is that you can get a squonking pin from 528 Customs and replace the standard center pin to turn this into a squonker.

You can also use the link below to get an alternative squonk pin for just $1 that fits and works flawlessly on the Goon 24.

Available in stainless steel, black, copper or bronze. Its 24mm in diameter with deep juice wells and a clamp deck. You can get colored caps, funky driptips and all sorts of accessories for the Goon to match the look of your mod.

The airflow and flavor of the Goon, in my opinion, is second to none.

Aromanizer V-RDA Squonk

Aromamizer V-RDA – $27

One of the moost popular 24mm bottom-feeding RDA right now. What makes the Aromanizer V-RDA a great one choice is that it is made of high-quality materials, and the unique spiral airflow eliminates almost all spitback problems. The unique airflow design also means that it is virtually leak proof.

Plus, it has a huge Velocity-styled deck that we all love so much, with enough room to fit any type of coil you can think of. The squonk pin comes as an accessory in the kit, and Steamcrave has replacements pins in stock just in case you lose it.

Discontinued RDAs

These will be listed here for a limited time and I will remove them if they are permanently discontinued..

Movkin JC 25 Squonk RDA

Movkin JC25 – $13

This got me a bit confused. I thought the name JC25 implies that its a 25mm RDA, but it’s only 24.5mm. Sure, who care s about the names?

Intended as an accessory for the Movkin Disguiser mod and squonk conversion kit, it’s a pretty simple bottom-feeding RDA. Velocity-style deck, gold-plated center pin, and 3 color options that will probably match your Kanger Dripbox. Nothing much to shout about, but the price is just right for what it offers.