Wismec Noisy Cricket Review – Series Mech Mod!


The Wismec Noisy Cricket, true to it’t name, is little mod with loads of power under the hood. It’s a series mechanical mod with a hybrid connection, and the simplicity is deceiving.

In this review of the Wismec Noicy Cricket, I explain how a series mechanical mod works, and how much power you have at your disposal. Needless to say, I must issue the following warning:

WARNING: Before even attempting to use this mod, you need to understand the basics of Ohms law, battery safety and hybrid mechanical mods. This is not a toy, although it looks like one. Vape safe!

Similar to the Rig Pig, the Wismec Noisy Cricket uses a hybrid connection, but the adapter allows you to fit any 22mm atomizer with protruding 510 pin easily.

Here’s the basic specs for the Wismec Noisy Cricket:

  • 22mm width and 44mm height
  • Spring loaded “SMPL-style” top firing switch
  • 6 bottom ventilation holes
  • Hybrid connection with 510 adapter
  • Brass contacts
  • Powered by dual 18650 batteries
  • Comes in black, silver, red, blue

Yup.. it’s a simple device.

Wismec Noisy Cricket Pros

Here’s what I loved about the Wismec Noisy Cricket:

  • Solid construction and feels good in my hands
  • The firing switch works perfectly, and is easy to unscrew
  • No battery rattle, thanks to the balancing bar at the bottom
  • The price is unbelievable for an authentic mod – it’s cheaper than the Rig Pig clone I reviewed
  • Lots of power for huge clouds, if you can get the build / Ohms just right for a device like this

Wismec Noisy Cricket Cons

The list of cons is not long, but here are some:

  • I don’t think the color descriptions are accurate – my “red” mod actually looks maroon (or pink!) under almost all types of lighting conditions
  • Zero safety information in the box, which I think is irresponsible

It’s easy to see why the Wismec Noisy Cricket is so popular. The version 2 of the Noisy Cricket is nothing like the original, so I can foresee this tiny mechanical mods being popular and even overshadowing the version 2 for some time to come.

I’m happy I got it, and it’s going to be in my collection forever.

I will do a follow-up video n how to build for a series mechanical mod in the future, as the biggest challenge you’re going to have with this mod is putting in a build that can control the enormous power it outputs!

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