Vaping Properly: Health and Environmental Concerns


When one adopts a habit that can prove to be addictive, having complete information about it is essential. Remember that smoking and vaping can alter your life choices, so we’re here to provide you with what you should know. Writing about vaping practices is one thing, but denying its impacts is another. We won’t only be leaving you with just a No Responsibility Disclaimer. Here’s what you need to know about the health and environmental impacts of vaping.

Vaping and Health

In 2015, Public Health England published news proclaiming vaping to be around 95% less harmful than tobacco, and this has been quoted time and time again on the internet. However, seven years have passed, and this estimate is being contested by data and research that suggest another picture.

While there is no doubt that vaping aerosol contains a fraction of the contaminants in tobacco smoke, there are chemicals that will be detrimental to your health. Nicotine, the main ingredient in an e-cigarette, isn’t for teens, kids, and fetuses hosted by pregnant women who vape. Knowing this limit is essential as the mentioned individuals will have problems with brain development. If the vaping lifestyle attracts you, better to grow out of your teens or deliver that baby before you partake in it.

Even if you do not fall into these categories, carcinogens, toxic metals, and ultrafine particles are all present in vape smoke, so no, it’s not exactly a safe choice. Compared to cigarettes, maybe it can be considered one, but scientists aren’t sure about that part either, as not enough time has passed and data collected to make a proper judgment. If you decide to proceed anyway, you must know how to vape safely and purchase your first vape pen properly.

Vaping and the Environment

While vape smoke doesn’t contribute to air pollution outdoors, it doesn’t do indoor air quality any favors. There’s plastic and lithium waste to consider due to packaging and batteries as well. You can always use reusable vapes, but many prefer disposable vapes because they often taste better, offer larger varieties, and cost less. If you’re among those people, consider fume disposable vapes that use tanks or pods that come with replaceable coils. This saves you money and reduces the need for continuous manufacturing of products that can be easily reused. Properly dispose of the required parts and recycle the rest of your disposable vape properly to minimize the impact of your habits on the world.


One of the major concerns associated with vaping is how it can open the pathway for teens to use illicit drugs. Those from John Hopkins Medicine raise this point, quoting that there is evidence that youngsters who vape are more likely to indulge in drug abuse later on. Cigarette smoking has been seeing a steady decline in the United States as well, and attracting new individuals to vaping could just undo the health benefits to the general population.

It is amongst the responsibilities of vaping producers and consumers alike to ensure a habit like vaping isn’t glorified. If you’re into the vaping lifestyle, especially if you want to shift to less potent substances than cigarettes, do your research before embarking on this journey. Make sure you purchase from renowned companies that are transparent about their products and produce minimal waste. Read our guides and join the vaping community only after gaining sufficient knowledge on vapes.

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