The Ultimate Squonk Vape Stand DIY!


If you’ve been following my posts on Facebook and Instagram for a while now, you’ll know that I have been working on creating my own vape stand for squonking. After searching for something close to what I needed, I gave up and decided the only option was to DIY.

You see.. most vape stands are OK for organizing regular tanks, RDAs and mods. Some have space for a few driptips and juice bottles. I would say 99% of vape stands all cater to non-squonkers.

Why? Because squonkers have tons of caps for each RDA, and tons of driptips to match. For each squonk mod I could have an extra 2-3 doors. So there are a lot more accessories in the squonking world than what most stands would support.

Keep in ind that I have no woodworking experience and I lack the tools. I did most of this with a drill, hand saw, and sandpaper. I do have a Dremel tool but it wasn’t as useful as I thought it would be for this project.

The wood is some cheap stuff I got from Daiso, and I finished it twice. The first time with a spray can which was a mistake. I ended up sanding most of it off. The second time I used a lacquer-based Walnut finish as I wanted it to look dark.

Here’s how it looks like with everything in:

The idea was for the caps to be arranged alongside the RDA. That way it would be easy for me to organize them after taking them out of the ultrasonic cleaner. I have space for nine high-end squonk RDAs and six trays for the topcaps. Of course some RDAs would share the same topcap space.

How many topcaps per RDA? Well the B2K RSA already comes with 4 sets of caps and dritips. I have about five topcaps for the Hadaly, six for the Entheon, about 4 for the Hobo Drifter, and four for my Armor RDA. So yeah, a LOT.

Plus, there would be compartments for holding doors (although only flat doors) and some poles to hold all the extra beauty rings I have. Yeah I overdid it with the beauty rings, but I might sell some older ones now that I have better beauty rings.

Last but not least, some trays for the driptips. I have tons of JMK driptips, again overkill, and again I might let go of some now.

Overall, this DIY squonker vape stand turned out pretty well. A real craftsman would laugh at the woodworking flaws, misalignment, poor finishing and other stuff.

But hey, I made this and there is nothing else quite like it as far as I know!

I’ve already started planning for the Version 2 of this, which I will first plan in a 3D design software to get proper measurements. Plus, I now also have better tools including a Dremel Moto-Saw that makes cutting all those small pieces even easier.

In case you’re wondering, I am not planning on selling any of these stands. I just want to learn some 3D design and try my hand at making something.

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