Solo RDA Review & Issues


In this Solo RDA review, I want to show you how this little squonking atomizer works, how to build on it and how to figure out the bottom adjustable plate.

I bought the Solo RDA from a list randomizer on the Dee Mods group. Needless to say it was pretty hard to obtain. Unless you are hyper active on Facebook it will be close to impossible to get one. The group is always in Secret mode (watch the video on how to buy high-end vape gear) and when there is a list you have anywhere between 3 – 10 minutes to get one.

So you’ll need to mark your calendar, and make sure you have fast Internet connection. Sometimes to buy one you have to be the first to leave an X1 in the comments. This takes practise and knowing your way around Facebook groups. Dues to latency issues with my Internet, I am never able to X1 in time even when I keep refreshing the pages.

Anyways, some basic specs for the Solo RDA:

  • Retails at $95 excluding Paypal fees and shipping
  • 22mm diameter with Delrin topcap
  • Side or top adjustable airflow (with the correct caps)
  • Single coil build deck
  • Regular 510 pin and BF pin included

Solo RDA Review: Pro

  • Really good-looking – It’s small and the shape seems to look good on almost any 3D-printed mech squonk mod or smaller mods. Some caps like the gun metal 24mm cap looks classy, and I would bet all your beauty rings and driptips would look great on it too.
  • Easy to build – The build deck is easy to use for all types of wire. There’s nothing revolutionary about the way it holds down your wires, but it just works.
  • Great airflow & flavor – The side airflow is what most people would use, unless you have a top airflow cap. So from my testing with different types of wire I was always able to get good airflow and flavor.
  • 510 driptip standard – This may seem like a minor thing, but a lot of high-end attys do not use a 510 driptip. Most use a proprietary size or a 710 size, and some don’t even come stock with a 510 adapter. So it’s definitely a good thing that the Solo RDA uses a 510 size.

Solo RDA Review: Cons

  • The bottom adjustable plate – I still feel like the bottom airflow plate is so unnecessary and creates complications. I’ve already explained about this in great lengths in my Solo RDA first impressions post.
  • Difficult to drip with – Unless the unit you received has perfect tolerances, it can be difficult to remove the standard topcap. At first I thought of adjusting the o-rings, but the some of the other caps fit fine. So the tolerance issue here is in the standard topcaps and other caps. Because of the shape, there’s really nothing to grab on to when you want to pull the topcap out. One suggested fix is to remove the top o-ring.
  • Cult-like sales group – One thing you may not have realized, the Dee Mods group and other associated groups operate like cults. You should get in to get your stuff and just avoid banter. If you say something they do not like (even if it’s in another group), they will eject you from the group and all other groups they own or manage. This has happened to me and others. How many Solo RDAs you own won’t really matter.
  • Lack of third-party accessories – You’ll notice no one other than Dee Mods makes caps for such a popular RDA, have you wondered why? Because no one wants to offend the cult leader, who does not permit any such caps outside the group. That’s a shame really and shortens the lifespan of the RDA.

The Solo RDA is a great RDA, and there are definitely a lot of innovations in this little thing. I love the fact than it can do both side and top airflow, but the the fact that you’ll need to hunt for a top-airflow cap.

Personally, I will not be doing any more business with Dee Mods, or associated groups. I prefer to be treated like a customer not a beggar. I do not like the fact that you can get removed or banned for something you did outside the group and not related in any way to their group or their products. Plus, they go ahead and remove you from all the other groups that they own or have influence it.

It has happened to me, and others I know. It’s a very childish way of doing business.

I rather spend my money on honest, humble modders able to take constructive feedback. Some modders have egos too big for their own good. While they will definitely thrive from the support of their cult members, I won’t become one myself.

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