Slant Rings & Beauty Rings Explained!


A slant ring or beauty ring is designed to cover the slant of the atomizer and mod, giving it a ‘flush’ look when smaller-sized atomizer is attached to a bigger-sized mod. It is designed to be held in-place when the atty is screwed onto the mod. It’s also called flow rings or matchi rings.

As you can see from the picture above, without the slant ring my Infinite Kayfun 4 clone leaves a gap on my Hcigar VT75, which is no big deal really. I never felt a need for a slant ring / beauty ring when I didn’t know it existed.

But, with the slant ring on, it adds some sophistication to the overall look since the Hcigar VT75 has a 30mm base and the Infinite Kayfun 4 is only 22mm. The space is covered up nicely!

Slant rings on my Hcigar

Slant rings are very popular among stabwood (stabilized wood) mod collectors, and some slant rings can be quite pricey. If you like to bling up your vape setup, the slant ring is the perfect things to get.

But, do slant rings have any real-world, practical uses? Yes it does!

Slant rings stop leaks from reaching your mod

It acts as a cup to hold the small drops of juice that may leak out of the airflow control when you refill or vape, preventing liquid from entering your 510 connection as well. The Kayfun 4 you see here sometimes leaks a little from one of the many parts that form the overall tank, and the slant ring does a great job of containing it.

When you screw out your atomizer, you can just rinse your slant ring and you’re good to go. It’t definitely much easier to do than wiping your mod and 510 port.

Slant rings prevent scratches on your mod

Most atomizers have some sort of etching or engraving at the bottom. Sometimes these things are not as smooth as they should be, and your mod gets scratched when you screw and unscrew your atomizer.

A slant right is not screwed on. You just put it in place and screw in your atomizer until it’s tight, and the slant ring stays in place. Therefore, no more scratches.

A slant ring may not work for all setups, especially if your mod doesn’t have a spring-loaded 510 pin. Although the base on a slant ring is very thick, an additional 2mm can make a lot of difference. This also means you probably should not be using slant rings on your hybrid mechanical mod.

Where to buy slant rings / beauty rings

Many stores do have a few slant rings in stock if you know how to find them. Try searching for slant ring or flow ring in your favorite online store, and you just might find a few! This site sells some custom beauty rings for about $20 each, but generally speaking any crafter that focuses on vaping accessories typical have a few good slant rings to sell.

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