The Flave 22 Review – Titanium & Stainless Steel Versions


Ok so I am going to review the Flave 22 Titanium limited edition in the video, but I will also tell you what I know about the regular stainless steel version. If you haven’t watched my Flave 24mm review video, I recommend you take a look at that first.

The Flave 22mm didn’t take me by surprise, I would have expected Alliancetech to release this right after the Flave 24. I just didn’t expect them to take so long

Many (and I mean MANY) people love the original Flave RDA 24mm. It’s still one of the only 24mm single-coil RDA that I own with so much airflow.

Here are the specs for the Flave 22 RDA, with the differences between the titanium eidition and the SS version stated:

  • Retail price is €120 (titanium) and €80 (stainless steel)
  • 22mm x 28mm dimension
  • Airflow is 0.5mm shorter than the 24mm version
  • 710 sized driptip (same as Armor RDA)
  • Titanium and Delrin driptip (for Ti version) or Ultem driptip (SS version)
  • Titanium / stainless steel topcap
  • Gold-plated 510 and BF pins

And yes, by the time I got to doing this written review you can get Delrin topcaps for the Flave 22 for about €20, and a 510 adapter for about €13.

Flave 22 RDA Review: Pros

  • More restricted airflow – The 24mm had wide-open airflow, and a lot of people loved that. The Flave 22’s airflow is more restricted, and you should adjust your builds accordingly unless you like a hot vape.
  • Excellent build quality – I love the look of the titanium topcap, but overall the build quality is excellent too just like it was on the Flave 24mm
  • Smooth airflow & great flavor – Yes this is subjective, but get a good build in here and you will love the Flave 22. Flavor is dense and intense with the builds I have tried in the Flave 22.
  • Two driptips included – The titanium driptip in mine just looks gorgeous with the rest of the Flave 22. I have seen pictures of heat-treated titanium and I wondered if I will ever have the guts to try it on mine.
  • Squonking works well – You can over-squonk with this, but the juice wells are large enough to prevent such accidents. Otherwise squonking works pretty well.

Flave 22 RDA Review: Cons

  • No 510 driptip adapter included – They should have included it. They should have. Sure they sell one separately now and I did get one, but I think they should have included it as part of the standard package.

I loved the Flave 24 and I would have to say the same for the Flave 22. Of course the titanium version costs a bomb but it’s a collector’s item. You can get the stainless steel version pretty easily from many online stores.

I recently purchased Delrin topcaps and 510 adapters for both the Flave 24 and Flave 22. I also ordered some Vikset caps for the Flave 24 so these two drippers are going to be in my collection for a long time!

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