Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vaping


The cannabis industry has risen in the last two decades. By 2025, the recreational cannabis industry is projected to have 50 million consumers in the United States. In addition, numerous studies have introduced the public to the health benefits of this plant.

These days, we can consume cannabis in various forms, like edibles, oils, smoking, and vaping. Vaping is the newest form of consumption, and for a long time, potential customers didn’t know much about it.

Of course, the regulation for medical purposes is the same as with any other form of consumption. So, getting a medical marijuana card is a must. In the last couple of years, these products have entered the market more, and people are more aware of what it represents.

Today, we want to provide you with a detailed guide on how to get started with vaping cannabis and other relevant details. Let’s begin.

Differences Between Smoking and Vaping

Even though many people in the past believed that there were almost no differences between vaping and smoking, vaping has built its standalone position on the market. We can see that the idea behind both of these is similar, but the functions performed are completely different.

Not to mention that we need different devices and conditions to do each. For example, smoking cannabis is simple; all you need is cannabis and a device to smoke it after you grind it. When the process is over, what remains of the joint is discarded into the trash cash. Other methods, like using the pipe, are not predominant, even though they exist.

With vaping, the user needs a couple of accessories to make it work. Of course, we are talking about items like:

  • Dry herb: The first thing you need is some quality dry herb. You can see these products in numerous physical and online stores. Of course, you should take a look at the product description before you decide to purchase
  • Vaporizer: Vaporizers are the key component of cannabis vaping. There are two main types you can choose from, portable or desktop. The names of these describe them properly, and consumers should decide which is the best for them based on their preferences.
  • Grinder: A grinder is a device that helps you grind the herb. It is not possible to vape the cannabis before you grind it. They are a necessity and represent an ideal solution for most convection vapes you will come across. It makes the process of crumbling the herb much easier.
  • Accessories: A lot of vaporizers out there are accompanied by many tools. Each one of them is necessary. For instance, you cannot clean the vaporizer without having the appropriate brush and a stir tool. Besides these two, you will find other items, such as cotton swabs and pipe cleaners, accompanied by strong isopropyl alcohol.

Different Types of Vapes

Before you can choose the proper vape that fits your needs and preferences, you should understand all the types available on the market.

Dried Cannabis Flower Vapes

Dried flower vapes work by heating the dried flower until it releases the active compounds. Naturally, the flower must be ground and added to the vape before this is possible. If you have a grinder, this process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

The active compounds we have mentioned are released once the cannabis is heated and released in the form of vapor. The consumer inhales the vapor to get the needed effect. As you can see, the process eliminates combustion, the main cause of releasing damaging particles.

Extract Vapes

Extract vapes using cannabis extract instead of the flower. The principle is the same as the previous one since the heating causes the release of compounds. The reason why there are so popular is that they are discrete and portable. They come in various forms, and they are quite convenient for using them in public.

You can find them in two major forms, the first one being an all-in-one vape pen. The second one comes in two parts, the battery and cartridges. In the second case, the consumers can personalize their devices using the cartridges they like. However, this is a bit costlier solution.

Ready-to-Use Vapes

The third option is known as “ready-to-use” vape pens. As the name of this device says, this option offers all the possibilities to the user without them investing any effort. In addition, after the cannabis extract is gone, it is possible to recycle the pen quite easily.

However, this option is the best for those who are not frequent users. The reason is that they are temporary, and it would be much costlier for those who don’t vape every day. When you think about it, it can be quite a good gift to someone interested in vaping.

What are the Benefits of Vaping?

Now, we want to talk about the benefits of vaping in greater detail.

Reduction of Carcinogens

Carcinogens are usually related to cigarette smoking, but studies have shown that combustion also releases these harmful chemicals when cannabis is smoked. Therefore, those who use vaping as an alternative to smoking will avoid combustion completely.

Vaping reduces the level of carcinogens significantly. Not only that, but the blood levels of carbon monoxide are much lower among consumers than in the case of smoking. Furthermore, another study shows that former cannabis smokers felt a significant improvement during the first month after they started vaping.

No Bad Odor

Another thing that makes vaping a good alternative to smoking is that it doesn’t produce any bad odor. In the case of cannabis, this issue becomes even more important since cannabis has a strong one. So, it is important to know that vaping eliminate it, which is helpful, especially in public.


Finally, smoking cannabis is not just about getting the “high effect,” but also the taste is a significant aspect. It is because the terpenes are usually destroyed because of combustion. Since this is not the case with vaping, you can be sure you will have a much better taste of the cannabis.

The Bottom Line

Understanding what vaping cannabis is all about before you try it is a must. We believe that this guide will answer all the questions you might have it.

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