Why You Should Try Lost Mary BM600S over Classic BM600?


Are you a regular vape looking for an upgrade? Lost Mary BM600S might be the answer you’ve been waiting for! In this article, we will look at the new BM600S and why you should give it a try over its predecessor – the classic BM600.

So, what is the difference between Lost Mary BM600 and BM600S?

New QUAQ MESH and QUAQ Cell features = the main difference

As Xmania mentioned in their article, the main difference from the original BM600S is the QUAQ MESH feature which is responsible for the intense burst of flavor the Lost Mary BM600 delivers. The flavors are indeed slightly better and more authentic than with the classic BM600.

Also, the flavor consistency should be more equally spread around the device lifespan, but this is very hard to notice, as the classic BM600 was pretty good at delivering steady performance and the same satisfaction with each puff.

The new BM600 also has improved atomizing power with QUAQ CELL, which is an industry-first integrated atomizing power integration. This helps with automated manufacturing and should ensure higher consistency across devices. This technology is also used in the new Elf BAR V2.

Lost Mary BM 600S 1

Image: Lost Mary BM 600S

The best features remain the same as with the Lost Mary BM600

Size, portability, discreetness – all features that make the BM600 perfect disposable remains the same for BM600s as well. So, if you love vaping on the go, the Lost Mary BM600S is as compact as its classic counterpart, making it the perfect companion for your adventures. It easily slips into your pocket or bag, so you can enjoy vaping wherever you are.

Image: Lost Mary BM600

But the true difference between BM600s and BM600 lies in the flavours

But the true distinction lies in the realm of flavors. Lost Mary BM600S introduces a captivating array of new exciting flavors that are bound to tantalize your taste buds. Here’s a sneak peek into the mouthwatering BM600S flavor lineup:

  1. Banana Break: This flavor whisks you away to a tropical paradise with the luscious, creamy sweetness of ripe bananas. It’s like taking a vacation in a single inhalation.
  2. Lemon Lime: Craving something zesty and refreshing? The Lemon Lime flavor is your ticket to an invigorating citrus blend that awakens your senses and leaves you feeling revitalized.
  3. Strawnana Blackcurrant: It’s a symphony of flavors – ripe strawberries, creamy bananas, and the bold, rich notes of blackcurrant create a harmonious fusion that dances on your palate.
  4. Straw Golden Pina: Immerse yourself in the sunny vibes of tropical pineapple and golden strawberries. It’s a taste of endless summer in every puff.
  5. Pina Kiwi Lemonade: Quench your thirst with this refreshing blend of pineapple, kiwi, and lemonade. It’s like sipping on a chilled beverage by the beach, a perfect companion for warm days.
  6. Berry Combos: Can’t decide which berry you love the most? No need to choose! Berry Combos offers the best of the berry world, expertly blended for a multifaceted berry experience.

However, don’t forget about the classic Lost Mary BM600. It’s where it all began, and it too has exciting flavors to offer. 

What about the price?

You might be wondering, “Is BM600S worth it?” Well, you’ll be pleased to know that most vape shops offer both Lost Mary BM600 and BM600s at the same prices. That’s right, pricing parity ensures that whether you opt for the classic BM600 or decide to explore the exciting world of BM600S, you’ll find consistency in affordability across the board.

Do not hesitate to give a try to Lost Mary BM600S

So, why should you try the Lost Mary BM600S over the classic BM600? It’s simple – for a more flavorful and consistent vaping. With new technology, Lost Mary BM600S brings innovation to your fingertips while preserving the best features of its predecessor, and it’s waiting for you to explore.


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