The Versatile Vape: 6 Benefits Of Using A Pod Vaping System


Pod vapes have long been one of the most popular systems on the market. This is because they are a highly portable option that is designed for simplified use, as well as providing delicious eJuice flavours that other systems simply can’t.

Whether you’re rocking the new and improved Caliburn G or the legendary Geekvape Aegis Boost, pod vapes have a reputation for being a quality option.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. They are the most mobile option

Pod vapes are globally renowned for their compact size, making them one of the most mobile vape options. For people that find themselves wanting to vape on-the-go, at work, or when out with friends, pod vapes are a great option for you.

You won’t have a larger vaping option weighing you down and making it impossible to vape when, say, you find yourself craving some of that sweet vapour when waiting for the next train.

For this reason, pod vapes take the cake when it comes to mobility, and this is probably the key reason as to why they are so popular.

2. They are a great cig-vape transitioner

Many people are becoming concerned about their smoking habit and are using vapes to transition away from it. The most natural option for making the ciggie-vape-quitting transition is the pod vape.

Why? Because of the aforementioned reasons of it being a compact design that is easy to take on-the-go. Smokers find themselves getting cravings wherever they may be: at work, with friends, at the pub etc. and require a device that is easy to use just as if they were lighting up a quick ciggie.

So, when you find yourself having a beer with mates and absolutely craving that much-needed beer ciggie – the pod vape system is the best for reminding you of the habit without actually partaking in said habit.

3. They are easy to use

Pod vapes are known for their easy use system. All the pods do is click in and out of the pod system, ensuring all you have to do is take a drag and you will be inhaling that eJuice.

For many people, operation is essential to enjoying the vaping experience, and pod vapes make it as easy as it comes. So, if you’re looking for an option that allows you to quickly take a drag – pod vapes are the way to go.

4. It’s easy to replace eJuice

Pod systems make it super easy to replace eJuice. All you have to do is take off the cap and start filling the pod with eJuice. Many pods contain clear glass systems that make it easy to see how much eJuice you have put in the device, something that is great so that you don’t find yourself making an eJuice mess!

5. The coils are easy to replace, too!

As well as the eJuice being super easy to replace, the coils are easy to replace, too! Quality pod vapes typically have a system that makes pulling out the old coils and putting in new coils a breeze, ensuring you won’t have too much around replacing the coils when all you really want to be doing is enjoying your pod vape.

6. They are affordable

Because pod vapes are one of the more mobile systems on the market, you can be sure that they won’t break your vaping budget, unlike some of the bigger versions which can get quite expensive.

This, and the combined above reasons, shows exactly why pod vapes are the way to go!

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