Sigelei Vs Asmodus: Court Injunction!


Sigelei is a China-based company that makes vape mods. I used to own a Sigelei 15W TC, but have since passed on may other Sigelei Mods, including popular ones like the Fuchai.

Last year, they created controversy when they threatened legal action against DJLSBVapes, a popular YouTube reviewer. Daniel (DJLSB) posted negative review on the true technical capabilities of their mod, the Sigelei 213. Although the review clearly showed the testing results vs the product claims, Sigelei wasn’t too happy about any negativity.

A few days ago, I read an email from Asmodus, another popular vape company based in China. The subject of the email was “Important Lawsuit: Federal Court’s Enforcement Order” and it got my attention pretty quickly.

I initially thought it was related to the FDA. Instead, it was related to a lawsuit that I honestly was not aware of, between Sigelei and Asmodus.

Here’s the message of the email:

As many of you are aware, we have been involved in a copyright and trademark lawsuit against Sigelei regarding their production of inferior copies and counterfeits of Asmodus products.

Although the case is still pending, we have been determined to have exclusive rights to the brand name “Asmodus“, as well as the “Minikin” and “Helve” trademarks.

Mr. Ou, Sigelei, and all his other alter ego companies have been found to have deceived consumers by falsely advertising the source of the devices and the quality of materials. With this in mind, the court has decided to grant a preliminary injunction to help mitigate any damage while the lawsuit proceeds. While the lawsuit is still ongoing, this is a step in the right direction.

By the federal court’s order, Sigelei and, all “alter ego” companies, must immediately cease production and sale of any products that infringe on our trademark or copyright claims, as well as stop using any advertising or packaging that would mislead consumers into falsely believing that what they are looking at is a genuine Asmodus product. In addition, the preliminary injunction requires that they must surrender any product that makes use of existing Asmodus trademarks or copyrights.

The known companies falsifying affiliation to us are:

  • Global Vaping LLC., (“GV”)
  • Shenzen Sigelei Technology Co., (“Sigelei”)
  • Dongguan Shexi Hardware Electronics Technology Co., LTD., (“Shenxi”)
  • Dongguan Wehe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., (“WeHe”)
  • LSM Technology, Ltd., (“Laisimo”)
  • ACM Supplies., Inc., (“Acm Vape”)
  • “Asmodus” Beijing (China)
  • 168 Vape

Apart from those products and/or companies specifically mentioned on our website at or in our official correspondence, we are in no way affiliated whether local or foreign.

Any products and/or company not mentioned on our website or in our official correspondence claiming to be affiliated with us or associated with us does so without our knowledge or permission and does not represent us.

If you are aware of any individual, company, group, or organization claiming an affiliation with or endorsement by us and/or using such a claim to sell products or advertise their products, please inform us immediately via [email protected].

We are pursuing those companies for fraud and fraudulent misrepresentation among many other violations.

If you feel that you may have purchased counterfeit Asmodus products, please contact us to avoid any potential legal action. We will be pursuing any business that intentionally bought or sold cloned products, and we do not wish to cause difficulty for any of our faithful customers.

I’m sharing it here just in case you might be affected.

As far as I know, these companies were fighting it out since 2015. There was also some controversy over the rights to the Snowwolf brand. This one is related to the Minikin mod, which was apparently made by Sigelei but marketed under the Asmodus brand when things we still good between the two companies.

As a buyer, you are not effected by this. Just more vape drama you can ignore. However, if you do come across both the Sigelei Minikin and Asmodus Monikin, you now understand the story behind the confusion.

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