Everything You Need To Know About Dab Rigs


Dabbing cannabis concentrates or extracts has grown in popularity over the years. Dabbing is the process of heating the concentrates in a dab rig from dr dabber. Most cannabis users prefer dabbing because it delivers a better high than most other ways of consuming cannabis concentrates.

Let’s look at a dab rig, and all you need to know about this device used for dabbing.

What’s a Dab rig?

A dab rig is a glass water pipe connected to a banger or nail primarily used to heat the cannabis extract or concentrate. This process is referred to as Dabbing.

 Some of dab rig’s advantages include

  • Small dab rigs can pack a more powerful punch.
  • It gives a clean smoke-less aroma.
  • It brings a clean natural flavor.

A dab rig consists of a glass pipe, nail, a torch, a dabber, and a carb cap. A carb cap is a recently added accessory to dab rigs because they allow the user to dab at lower temperatures if they wish. If you are looking to find a dab rig perfect for you, there are a few considerations.

What to consider when buying a dab rig

The following are some of the things to consider when you want to buy a good effective dab rig:

  1. Durability and easiness to upgrade with cool accessories over the years for long-term satisfaction
  2. The brand of the pipe and its ratings
  3. The right size that fits in your home and portability to your lifestyle needs.
  4. Consider your preference for the included nail.
  5. Satisfaction to your personal style (is it presentable)


The nails are the part of the rig which heats up the extracts to produce vapor for inhalation.

 Steps on how to use a dab nail

  1. Aim your torch flame on the nail until it glows.
  2. If the nail has a dome, slide it over the top to sit on the joint.
  3. Allow the titanium nail to undergo the cooling process for at least ten seconds and the quartz nail to cool for 45 seconds, respectively.
  4. Drop a small amount of the concentrate onto the heated nail.

If you consider switching up the concentrate vape one day, it might help to know what the different materials are. The nail on the dab rig is comparable to an atomizer’s heating chamber vaporizer. Choosing the right material affects the flavor, freshness, time for heat up, and the ability to hold on to heat in a  device.

They come in all kinds of shapes, so let your personal style shine.

The best nails for your dab rig

Glass nails – they heat faster and maintain heat well. They are the cheapest to buy because they break easy.

Titanium nail – The most durable nails for your dab rig, and they heat up quickly and maintain heat well. However, it may have a buildup of titanium oxide if used for longer periods that may compromise the performance of your dab rig.

E-Nail – these are electronic nails connected to a controller box that produces heat, therefore, heating the nail. Usually not recommended for beginners.

Ceramic nails take the most time to heat up, but the advantage is they will retain the right temperature once they heat up. They are also clean and are not prone to leaching harmful contaminants into your dab rig. But due to being made from ceramic, they are prone to breakage.

Quartz banger nails –  they heat up faster but also lose the heat quite as fast. Like ceramic nails, they maintain their cleanness because they create contaminants with prolonged use, like titanium nails.

Banger nails (best for beginners) – They are just too easy to heat and work with while keeping your dab rig clean.

Other water pipes are built as big as possible to filter out the harsh smoke created when dry herbs combust. This is why there are so many percolators and chambers to push smoke through and cool it down. There’s no combustion of flower with a dab rig since it’s already processed when making concentrates; You don’t need many chambers of large water container to filter the smoke since it’s in vapor form.

Dab Rig upgrades, sidekicks, and accessories:

A silicone storage jar, torch, carb cap, and dabber are the essentials every dabber eventually acquires.

You only need a torch and a dabber to use your new dabber right away.

Silicone storage jars

Silicone is a preferred material for sticky concentrates, even the hardest to handle material slides off the smooth, non-porous material. Silicone can stand the torch-hot temperatures that the concentrates require.


The two-in-one cap dabber is one of the greatest options that fits two essential tools into a single effective device. It’s a small tool used to scoop concentrates onto a heated nail. Dabbers are preferably made with titanium, ceramic, glass, and quartz. Titanium seems the most durable hence quartz preserves the pure flavor best.

Carb cap

Works as a slide-carb on a dry herb pipe, it acts as the airflow control. The carb cap keeps the concentrate vapor from wisping away and lets in cool air from nature. They are combined with dabbers in a two-in-one style. They always contain eye-catching themes.


E-nails are a great choice for intermediate and expert enthusiasts. More so, it’s recommended to start with a classic butane torch. A regular lighter heat isn’t intense enough to heat the herbal concentrates and all the right ingredients.

Smoking with a dab rig

A little disc of wax warms any dabber’s heart with a bit of piece of wax placed on a hot nail, the exact opposite of packing a deep bowl for a white pipe. You need just a little concentrate or extract to get the desired results.

The flavor from a tiny amount of wax is intense, and you can enjoy the effect of the flowers. The flavor comes three times more when dabbing with a concentrate instead of smoking the dry herb. Dabbing is recommended to all delicate flavor connoisseurs out there.

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