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Sigelei‌ ‌Vs‌ ‌Asmodus:‌ ‌Court‌ ‌ Injunction!‌

Sigelei is a China-based company that makes vape mods. I used to own a Sigelei 15W TC, but have since passed on may other Sigelei Mods, including popular ones like the Fuchai.

Last year, they created controversy when they threatened legal action against DJLSBVapes, a popular YouTube reviewer. Daniel (DJLSB) posted negative review on the true technical capabilities of their mod, the Sigelei 213. Although the review clearly showed the testing results vs the product claims, Sigelei wasn’t too happy about any negativity.

A few days ago, I read an email from Asmodus, another popular vape company based in China. The subject of the email was “Important Lawsuit: Federal Court’s Enforcement Order” and it got my attention pretty quickly.

I initially thought it was related to the FDA. Instead, it was related to a lawsuit that I honestly was not aware of, between Sigelei and Asmodus.

Here’s the message of the email:

As many of you are aware, we have been involved in a copyright and trademark lawsuit against Sigelei regarding their production of inferior copies and counterfeits of Asmodus products.

Although the case is still pending, we have been determined to have exclusive rights to the brand name “Asmodus“, as well as the “Minikin” and “Helve” trademarks.

Mr. Ou, Sigelei, and all his other alter ego companies have been found to have deceived consumers by falsely advertising the source of the devices and the quality of materials. With this in mind, the court has decided to grant a preliminary injunction to help mitigate any damage while the lawsuit proceeds. While the lawsuit is still ongoing, this is a step in the right direction.

By the federal court’s order, Sigelei and, all “alter ego” companies, must immediately cease production and sale of any products that infringe on our trademark or copyright claims, as well as stop using any advertising or packaging that would mislead consumers into falsely believing that what they are looking at is a genuine Asmodus product. In addition, the preliminary injunction requires that they must surrender any product that makes use of existing Asmodus trademarks or copyrights.

The known companies falsifying affiliation to us are:

  • Global Vaping LLC., (“GV”)
  • Shenzen Sigelei Technology Co., (“Sigelei”)
  • Dongguan Shexi Hardware Electronics Technology Co., LTD., (“Shenxi”)
  • Dongguan Wehe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., (“WeHe”)
  • LSM Technology, Ltd., (“Laisimo”)
  • ACM Supplies., Inc., (“Acm Vape”)
  • “Asmodus” Beijing (China)
  • 168 Vape

Apart from those products and/or companies specifically mentioned on our website at or in our official correspondence, we are in no way affiliated whether local or foreign.

Any products and/or company not mentioned on our website or in our official correspondence claiming to be affiliated with us or associated with us does so without our knowledge or permission and does not represent us.

If you are aware of any individual, company, group, or organization claiming an affiliation with or endorsement by us and/or using such a claim to sell products or advertise their products, please inform us immediately via

We are pursuing those companies for fraud and fraudulent misrepresentation among many other violations.

If you feel that you may have purchased counterfeit Asmodus products, please contact us to avoid any potential legal action. We will be pursuing any business that intentionally bought or sold cloned products, and we do not wish to cause difficulty for any of our faithful customers.

I’m sharing it here just in case you might be affected.

As far as I know, these companies were fighting it out since 2015. There was also some controversy over the rights to the Snowwolf brand. This one is related to the Minikin mod, which was apparently made by Sigelei but marketed under the Asmodus brand when things we still good between the two companies.

As a buyer, you are not effected by this. Just more vape drama you can ignore. However, if you do come across both the Sigelei Minikin and Asmodus Monikin, you now understand the story behind the confusion.

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Vape Drip Tips – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

A drip tip is like the wheels on your car – it’s the part that actually makes contact with the road but usually the last thing most drivers think about. Choosing the right drip tip can help you get the best of your mods and atomizers, and help you enjoy vaping just a little bit more.

But there are so many options for drip tips, that it can be confusing. The trick is to understand the dimensions, the airflow setup, the materials used, and how they affect your vape.

Drip Tip Size & Airflow

A “510” drip tip connection is the standard for most tanks and clearomizers.

  • This standard is about 8.5mm in diameter at the base of the drip tip.
  • However, the actual airflow diameter can vary and you may get an actual airflow diameter between 4.5mm to 2mm.

Although a 510 drip tip has a standardized width, you also have to think about the diameter at the base and the diameter at the tip.

  • A narrower tip can actually create a more concentrated, stronger flavour. However, you have to suck harder to get vapor (tighter draw), and doing a direct lung inhale can be hard. It’s perfect for a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vape.
  • A wider tip can help you do Direct-Lung inhales more comfortable, as you need less effort to inhale (looser draw). It’s great for a medium-sized clouds, or for Restricted-Lung inhales.

There’s really no right or wrong here, you just need to match the airflow size of the drip tip to the airflow diameter of your atomizer’s chimney.

  • For example, if the diameter of your chimney is 3mm use drip tip that has a base airflow of 3mm to get all the vapor produced.
  • Then you have to put in a build that can maximise the 3mm airflow, and you’re looking at huge, tasty clouds.

At the end of the day, you still have to experiment. But, with this knowledge in mind you can avoid trying driptips that have the exact same diameters at the base and tip for example, and save some money.

The hight of the drip tip also matters.

  • I find shorter driptips give me just a little better flavor since the vapor needs to travel a shorter distance.
  • However, if it’s too short I get spit back. So it’s about fitting the best height for the type of atomizer / tank you are using.

There’s also the 810 or Goon-sized driptip, which is becoming increasingly popular today.

RDAs and some RDA-class tanks also use a “wide bore” driptip, and there is no standard for this.

  • The diameter varies and the driptip tip from one RDA will most probably not fit another perfectly.
  • Most wide-bore driptips are available in Delrin only, or Resin (see below)

There’s also a “chuff cap” which is a wide bore driptip and base that completely replaces the top, and this is used in RDAs only.

  • A chuff cap is more interchangeable since it follows a fixed diameter – 22mm, 24mm etc.
  • Unless there’s a specific design element of your RDA, a chuff cap from my 2mm RDA will most probable fit your 22mm RDA.

Drip Tip Materials

The materials used for your driptip also effects the flavor to some extend, but it’s mostly about looks and comfort.

Here are some of the most popular materials, and the pros and cons of each. All of them are subjective and it really depends on your preferences.

Stainless Steel Drip Tips

A lot of tanks and RDAs have a stainless steel driptip included. In fact all the stainless steel driptips you see here were salvaged from my tanks and atomizers. I don;t remember even actually buying a stainless steel drip tip.

  • Pros: Fit the look of your atomizer, will not break, rust or stain.
  • Cons: Can get warm / hot, uncomfortable when it makes contact with your teeth.

Delrin a.k.a Polyoxymethylene (POM) Drip Tips

A lot of tanks and RDAs have a stainless steel driptip included. In fact all the stainless steel driptips you see here were salvaged from my tanks and atomizers. I don;t remember even actually buying a stainless steel tip.

  • Pros: Heat resistant, doesn’t stain.
  • Cons: Looks pretty boring, plain black or colored tips.

Glass Driptips

A lot of tanks and RDAs have a stainless steel driptip included. In fact all the stainless steel driptips you see here were salvaged from my tanks and atomizers. I don;t remember even actually buying a stainless steel driptip.

  • Pros: Will not get hot, rust or stain easily. Can make your atomizer look cool.
  • Cons: Can break, visible condensation on the surface.

Wood Driptips

A lot of tanks and RDAs have a stainless steel driptip included. In fact all the stainless steel driptips you see here were salvaged from my tanks and atomizers. I don;t remember even actually buying a stainless steel driptip.

  • Pros: Pretty heat resistant, looks unique.
  • Cons: Retains the flavor of your previous juice, doesn’t feel very good on the lips.

Resin Driptips

A lot of tanks and RDAs have a stainless steel driptip included. In fact all the stainless steel driptips you see here were salvaged from my tanks and atomizers. I don;t remember even actually buying a stainless steel .

  • Pros: Heat resistant, easy to style with various colors and swirls. Feels like Delrin but shinier.
  • Cons: Nothing I can think of.

Teflon Driptips

A lot of tanks and RDAs have a stainless steel driptip included. In fact all the stainless steel driptips you see here were salvaged from my tanks and atomizers. I don;t remember even actually buying a stainless steel .

  • Pros: Feels really good, soft on your teeth, heat resistant.
  • Cons: Only in white.

Drip Tip Color, Look and Feel

This is so subjective, it’s impossible to tell you which color or look is better. You may like a few colors, and you may want to match your driptip to your atomizer or mod. You may like a funky design or a straight driptip.

It’s really up to your taste.

However, the you should go for the “right” look only if the airflow and materials are correct for you. Otherwise you have a sexy-looking atomizer that you don’t want to vape on.

Other Drip Tip Factors

There’s so much more going on with driptips today.

  • You have “spit-back” protection, which I personally don’t like. In most cases, it mutes the flwvor.
  • You also have spiral / rifling driptips, which I like and I think really helps to focus your vapor.
  • Lots of newer materials (jade, ceramic, stone etc) which I have not really tried (or not that familiar with) and cannot comment on.
  • Single o-ring vs. double 0-rings – I left this part out as I dont think it effects your vape much. A double o-ring is definitely better, but single o-ring drip tips perform just as good. It really depends on the thickness and quality of the rubber used.
  • Hybrid driptips that combine two or more materials – like glass & stainless steel / delrin & stainless stell may have the best of both worlds.

Conclusions & Finding The Perfect Drip Tip

What works for me won’t work for you. I think you’ll have to buy at least 10-20 dirrefect driptipns to get a good idea of what you like.

I found my perfect driptip, and it’s so specific to the color, material and size. It’s the No. 71 driptip by Vaponaute, and it’s pretty pricey. I love the white color, the soft feel of teflon, the comfortable curves, and tight airflow diameter, the quality o-rings, etc.

I love it so much I have 4 exact driptips in my collection. I’m sure when you’ve found your perfect driptip, you’ll keep buying more of the same.

But the purpose of my guide is to help you avoid buying the same stuff at first when you’re not sure what you really want.

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Hussar RTA V2 – What’s Changed?

I recently got the Hussar RTA V2. The problem is I could not find any information, other than from the seller, about what’s changed in the Hussar RTA V2 compared to the earlier versions..

Strangely, the official Hussar Vapes Facebook page doesn’t even mention the V2.

So here’s what’s changed, from what I can gather, may it help you:

  1. The packaging – We’re now looking at a cardboard box, with wood shavings inside as a cushion. The Hussar RTA is wrapped in bubble wrap, the stainless steel tank and spare o-rings in a plastic ziplock.
  2. The ultem (PEI) tank – Apparently, the original tank was prone to cracking, so they’ve replaced it with an ultem tank. The micro tank kit also comes with an ultem tank now.

That’s basically it! As far as I know, nothing else is different. I could be wrong, since the V2 is the only Hussar RTA I own.

You can see the older packaging in the image, I think that was classier. One thing about the new packaging is that it’s NOT airtight. As a result, I found a little mildew on the tank. This is probably from air & moisture finding its was through to the deck of the Hussar RTA.

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Provari / Provape Shuts Down – The End of An Era?

I read a post on FaceBook today that ProVape, the company behind the Provari p3, Radius and Procyon, is closing down for good.

Of course, I was shocked. Many people (me included) have criticised their outdated, overpriced mods. In my Provari Radius review a year ago, I was brutal in my opinions of the company.

However, I have since come to appreciate the build quality, smooth vape experience and sexiness of Provape products. I now have a P3 Celtic Knot, two Provari Radius, and two Procyons.

Although their products do not appeal to the cloud chasing crowd, there is actually a huge market of Mouth-to-Lung vapers out there. This group of vapers don’t mind the low wattage output of their devices, and appreciate top-notch quality.

Surely, if companies like Svoemesto can not only survive but thrive with their Kayfun 5, there has to be a niche for Provape in the vape industry?

The End for Provape

Looking at their website, it’s obvious that they are going away forever. They have listed a third-party contact for repairs, but it’s not clear what happens to warranty claims in the future. They have also listed download links for software and manuals, but nothing else.

Their FaceBook page has no updates since late December, and not even a mention of their exit. For an iconic brand in the vape industry, is does seem that their demise isn’t getting much attention.

They blame the FDA regulations, but it’s not clear why. From what I understand, their products were released before the August deadline by the FDA, and they still have a good two years to go before being forced to pull their products off the market.

If they choose to comply, they still have time to get the PMTA applications done for their products. Since most of their mods are only variations – for example the P3 Celtic Knot and P3 Stealth Titanium, I would have thought that Provape would have been able overcome this hurdle.

From my understanding they would need only 3 approved applications, namely for the P3, Radius and Procyon. They can easily retire the older products.

How Many More FDA Casualties?

I wonder how many other American companies would succumb to the FDA regulations this year?

Still, Provape has developed a strong brand name and good technology that I hope will not be wasted.

I love tube mods, and Provape is one of the companies that still makes them. The Procyon is one of my most treasured mods, and there’s nothing quite like it.

Its easy to criticise Provape for resting on their laurels.

But I think they stuck to their philosophy of putting safety first, even when the market no longer cared about safety the way they did. At the end of the day, they didn’t give the market what it wanted.

Its sad to see this iconic American brand go out of business with a whimper.

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Tutorial: OBS Crius Dual Coil Kanthal Build

If you love your OBS Crius, or if you just bought one and don;t know how to build on it, I have the perfect video tutorial for you. I do a simple build for the OBS Crius (dual coils), wick it with Japanese organic cotton.

I’m not an expert at building, especially for dual coil setups, but its worth watching just to pick up some tips.

Don’t forget to watch my comparison video of the OBS Crius Vs Geekvape Griffin also. The Griffin is a great tank, the OBS is also great, but one is better.

Which one? You really have to watch the video!

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Review: Griffin RTA by Geekvape

When I bought the Griffin RTA by Geekvape I was excited. I tore open the plastic wrap and took apart the tank right away, curious to see how this would be any better than the other tanks I already owned.

I’ve watched a review about it, and it seemed like what I’ve been looking for all this while. A tank with huge airflow, a deck that you can remove and build on without having to drain the tank, juice flow controls to prevent leaking, and much more.

But, since this was an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), and I had to build my own coils, it took me another day or so to actually start using it.

And for once, the hype actually matched the product! Without doubt, the Griffin is awesome, and even better than the OBS Crius that I bought barely two weeks before. You can find the OBS Crius review here.

So in this review of the Geevape Griffin, I explain everything I learned about how it works, why so many people are enchanted by it, and why Geekvape could be the next big player in vaping!

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Singapore & Johor Ban Vaping, Protect Cigarettes?

Sometimes, things happen by coincidence. Just dumb luck. Sometimes, they do not.

On 15th December 2015, Singapore’s complete ban on vaping was implemented. Along with this ban, most other tobacco-related products like shisha will also be banned in stages.

The Singapore government is not kidding either, the penalties you can face if you get caught at the airport with a vaporizer, according to the Straits Times:

Offenders may be fined up to $5,000 for the first offence, and up to $10,000 subsequently.

Fucking hell! $5,000 Singaporean dollars??

Do you know how many mods and tanks you can buy with $5,000?

Here’s the irony: You can easily buy a pack of cigarettes all over the tiny island for an incredible price of $13.50.

WTF? Why don’t Singaporean leaders have the balls to just ban vaping, instead of ridiculous education projects that will no doubt waste their taxpayer’s money?

That’s actually a good question:

Why don’t they just fucking ban cigarettes?

Is it because of (drum roll)… MONEY?

Smoking is only “regulated” but not banned in Singapore. Regulation includes strict rules on where you can smoke. Mostly, poor Singaporeans are confined to tiny smoking areas, often having to walk a few hundred metres to get to one.

But let’s not be naive to say that Singaporeans don’t smoke in public areas – you just need to go to Geylang to see people smoking everywhere.

But Singaporeans Can Still Vape!

Ok now here’s the interesting part..

Singaporeans can easily get all the vape gear they need from Johor. In fact, the vape business in Johor has been booming due to the demand from Singaporeans, who can afford to buy the best stuff available in vape stores.


On 29 November 2015, Straits Times rans the story about the Sultan of Johor ordering all vape shops in Johor to shut down by 1 January 2016.

Hmm… coincidence? Or collaboration?

The article also had a confusing remark:

The Sultan warned that those who flouted the law after Jan 1 would face the consequences.

Erm what consequences?

From my research, the sale of nicotine products without license is against the law in Malaysia. In fact, the Malaysian authorities did a major search-and-grab raid in November 2015 based on this reason alone.

(Less than a month after those raid, vape shops are apparently not only back but doing more business than ever in Malaysia)

But selling vaporizers and mods are NOT against the law. Selling zero-nicotine e-juices are not against the law either.

So if vape shops continue operating and only stop selling liquids that contain nicotine, what “consequences” can be brought down upon them by the Sultan, who based on my research, does not have the power to implement new laws by himself?

I guess we will see, come 1 January 2015.

The Secret War Against Vaping

The sad part of all this is, the winners a.k.a British American Tobacco and friends, are laughing all the way to the bank. They are winning the war against vaping. People are starting to say “vaping is more dangerous than smoking”!

Singapore has been on a decade-long crusade to get rid of cigarettes and smoking. But when they find the best chance to do so, they ban it without waiting for any credible research.

Have they ever asked themselves, “What if we are wrong?”

What do you think about the ban of vaping in Singapore? Do you know fellow Singaporeans who secretly vape and how do they get their stuff? Do you think there’s something fishing going on between Singapore and Johor for mutual benefit, by banning vaporizers?