Tokugawa RDA Clone – Cheap and Awesome


The Tokugawa RDA clone is now officially in my best clones list, and for a very good reason! For just $12 you get a pretty good RDA that vapes fantastic, if you can get the hang of building on it.

Here are the specs for the Tokugwa RDA clone:

  • 24mm overall diameter
  • “Cross Post” design for center coil construction
  • 2.5mm open post holes, top-screw design
  • Gold plated brass contact, 510 threading
  • 6mm deep juice wells
  • Wide bore drip tip, with chuff cap included
  • Adjustable bottom airflow, adjustable side airflow
  • Brass center screw for closing off the bottom airflow

The authentic Tokugawa RDA is by Tendou Vapor, costs about $120, and you can get it here.

Tokugawa RDA Clone: Pros

Firstly, the vapor and flavor is fantastic. That has a lot to do with the reduced chamber. Although this is a 24mm RDA, the actual space inside is much smaller, as I show you in the video.

What this means is that you get dense vapor, and I would say that the flavor is one of the best from RDAs that I have personally tried.

Another pro of the Tokugawa RDA clone is the look and design. I really dig the engraved sleeve, and the compatibility with Goob / Kennedy 24 drip tips. I think that’s just brilliant, which makes it more appealing for me to go out and buy more such drip tips.

Tokugawa RDA Clone: Cons

The most obvious con is the build deck. Its pretty hard to work with, at least until you get the hang of it. It’s not the most difficult deck I’ve had to work with, but its surely up there on top of the list.

The reduced chamber is great, but the angle of the posts is just a bit weird for me. I try not to remove the screws, as I don’t want to lose them.

The other con is the bottom airflow. I just close it off with the center screw, and i think it’s going to leak big time if you drip from the top. I’ve had people leave comment on the video page that it will NOT leak if you have the right build, but I have no idea what that right build could be.

Overall, I think the Tokugawa RDA clone is a steal for the price. The build quality is good and if have the patience to get a good build in there, you’ll have a bloody good vape. Highly recommended.

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