What’s Wrong with The Moddog Pulsar?


The Moddog Pulsar looks so appealing to me. I love the fact that it comes disassembled. I love the fact that you can get 20700 / 21700 tubes for it. I delayed in getting one by just a few days and they were all sold out.

Then, within a few more days I started seeing tons of Pulsars popping up on many FB groups.

That’s not surprising. Many people want to flip. But the really interesting part was that most people were willing to let it to at RRP. A week later, most were willing to settle for less.

So I had to ask the question, “What’s wrong with the Moddog Pulsar?”

No one could give me an answer. “It’s a fantastic mod…” they said. Yet they were so eager to get rid of it after using it just once.

Honesty in high-end groups is a rare thing.

It was only recently that a friend told me why he thought the Pulsar was a bad mod. It boils down to the battery cap. He told me that the battery cap required an adapter to remove easily.

Take a look:

So I re-examined some YouTube reviews I have watched before, and focused on that part. To be fair, the reviews were in Italian so I don’t know what the reviewer actually said about the battery cap. But it was clear, they didn’t spend too much time on it.

As you can see, it is indeed an issue. There’s no way to grab a hold of the cap with just your fingers. You can force it open I’m sure. Maybe pressing it down hard with your thumb and twisting will also work. I don’t really know as I do not have one.


Why the need for such a battery cap, on a mech mod? Obviously Moddog is aware that people need to pop their batteries in and out often.

Yes, they do provide you with a key-chain battery cap opener, but that’s a workaround to a problem that should not be there in the first place. If you’re out and about and do not have that adapter with you, you’re fucked.

Sure, this is the reason ONE person gave me, to explain why he used his Pulsar for 2 hours before deciding to trade it off. However, I have to point out the fact that everyone singing the praises of the Pulsar in so many FB groups fail to even mention this “minor inconvenience”.

This is why you need me 🙂

If I reviewed the Moddog Pulsar, I would have told you right away not to get it, until they come up with a different battery cap. I think their Pulsar prototypes had better caps than the production version.

It’s an easy fix for Moddog, if they want to fix it.

Ont thing for sure, this production version of the Pulsar is being tossed around pretty much all over the place right now. People are eager to pass on the mistake to someone else. Don’t let that person be you.

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