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SVA Punto Zero Clone & Soul S Clone by YTFK

The SVA Punto Zero clone by YTFK is their second clone squonk mod, after the hugely popular SVA Penguin clone. At the moment, they are the only clone company pumping out these wonderful copies of expensive Italian squonk mods, but I believe others will be following suit.

If you;re looking for a mech squonker that is tiny and packs a punch, this may be for you. In this review I pair it up with the Van & Del Soul S clone, also by YFTK. I think they go nicely as a pair, although any 22mm or 24mm squonk RDA would work just fine.

Quick specs for the SVA Punto Zero clone:

  • POM (Delrin) and carbon fiber construction
  • 75mm X 43mm X 25mm
  • Available in black or white Delrin
  • Manual 510 squonking pin
  • Semi-mechanical “Mosfet” switch
  • Powered by 1 x 18650 battery

Quick specs for the Val & Del Soul S RDA clone:

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Regular gold-plated 510 & squonking pin included
  • Suitable for both single and dual coil builds
  • Deck has six holes that screw from the top
  • 22mm X 32mm (with driptip)

I was recording this video I realized that you can now get the SVA Punto Zero and Soul S as a set, for slightly cheaper. You can get them together as a set here, or get the SVA Punto Zero clone separately here.

SVA Punto Zero Clone Pros

  • Compact & light – Ok this can also be a con, it really depends on what you like. Some people have complained to me that it’s too small for their big hands. However, as you can see in the video, it’s about the same size as other mechanical squonk mods.
  • Good looking & cheap – Again it’s subjective, and I understand some people hate the Delrin & carbon fiber combination. I happen to think it looks awesome. For the price, it’s a much better deal than most other mechanical squonk mods.
  • Clicky Mosfet switch – I love not having to push down hard on the button, like other mechanical squonk mods. The Mosfet works well, although I’ve heard of some cases where some soldering was required to make it fire consistently.

SVA Punto Zero Clone Cons

  • Messy glue residue – This is more noticeable in some unit than others, and I believe more so on the black Delrin versions. Although this is a clone, I find the glue work to be a bit messy, and ruin an otherwise clean internals.
  • Slightly loose 510 top pin – Ok I might be fussy here, but I do believe the top part of the 510 (the part you adjust) can be a bit tighter. It works though, so no complaints.

Soul S RDA Clone Pros

  • Good-looking RDA, squonks well – Looks aren’t everything, but this tiny RDA will surely match most of your setups. Plus, it squonks pretty well too. You can swap the stainless steel topcap with the ultem (available separately) and match your black Delrin squonk mods. Looks awesome on both my SVA Penguin clone and my DPM Li-Mo.
  • Flexible single or dual coil deck – Because it screws from the top, you can put larger flat build in here. A fat single coil build, dual coils, Clapton coils, round wire; this deck takes all.
  • Smooth airflow & fantastic flavor – Airflow and flavor are related, as I’ve learned from trying at least a hundred different tanks and RDAs. The Soul S delivers just the perfect amount of airflow (for me). I can get a deep, long direct lung inhale. The flavor is crisp and strong.

Soul S RDA Clone Cons

  • Topcap gets warm / hot – If you have used similar short profile RDAs before, you’ll notice that the topcap is thick stainless steel. Although the deck can fit huge coils, you’ll find that using Clapton coils is not a great idea. The heat builds up fast, but that’s why you have the optional ultem / delrin topcaps.
  • You have to remove post screws – I would much prefer decks that allowed me to place my coil without having to take the screws out. However, due to the design of the Soul S, you have no choice. Make sure you don’t lose them!

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the SVA Punto Zero clone. I could have been built slightly cleaner, but the internals are a big improvement from the SVA Penguin clone YFTK pushed out not too long ago.

The Soul S clone is perfect. As I showed you in the video, the measurements are 1:1. Authentic accessories would fit on this clone, and vice versa. A good buy for such a low price!

Click Here to Get The SVA Punto Zero Clone

Click Here to Get The Soul S RDA Clone

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