Squonking 101 – Squonk Vs. Dripping Vs. Tanks


What is squonking and why should you care? Many people misunderstand squonking, and they think it’s about more juice capacity. That’s only half the truth.

We’re seeing a surge in bottom-feeding or squonker atomizers and mods in 2017. The market is growing fast, and you might be curious as to what the hype is all about. Let me give you a squonking 101 tutorial with this video.

The Chase for Flavor with RDAs

As I mentioned in my video, many people would agree that an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) can give you the best flavor for almost any type of ejuice. Most people think of drippers as cloud machines. Yes it does get you bigger clouds, but lot of people use drippers just for the flavor.

The secret to getting great flavor from drippers is the fact that you’re always vaping on fresh juice, dripped straight onto the coils or onto the wicks that feed the coils. Unlike in a tank setup, you do not have condensation seeping back to the wick, or yesterday night’s juice gunking up the coils.

The difference between an RDA and a tank is like freshly squeezed orange juice vs. bottled orange juice. They are both orange juice, yet the freshly squeezed juice will always have that extra freshness and flavor.

However, there’s a big con. You have to constantly drip, which means RDAs are much less portable and usable in real life, especially while moving about or driving. Most people drip and vape at home.

RDTAs Promised A Solution, But Failed

An RDTA (rebuildable dripping tank atomizer), extends the vape time of an RDA by having a small capacity tank at the bottom of the deck. In theory it should vape exactly like an RDA, but you’ll find that it vapes more like a tank.

This is because the wicks are constantly saturated, just like in a tank system. When your build is fresh, you get the RDA experience. However, leave your RDTA completely saturated overnight, and it loses the freshness in the morning.

You’ll need to change your wicks more often than you would with an RDA. You’re also less flexible to drip different flavors with the same wick, compared to an RDA.

Squonking Is The Solution To The RDA Problem

I didn’t quite understand squonking when I bought my first squonking kit, the Kanger Dripbox and later, the Steamcrave Squonk Mod.

I left squonking for a while, until recently when I started looking at squonking from a whole different point of view. Let me explain what squonking is and why it’s so awesome., from this new revelation.

In my opinion, squonking is the solution to the RDA problem. It allows you to get the vapor and flavor of an RDA, yet eliminate the need for constant dripping.

It’s basically an RDA, with a bottle at the bottom to feed your juice. This is why squonking RDAs are also called “bottom feeding atomizers”. Unlike an RDTA, you feed juice in demand. The cotton isn’t always saturated like the RDTA setup, so you get a fresher vape with every squonk.

But, squonking isn’t perfect either. 

As I explained in the video, the main issues with squonking are:

  • Lower powered regulated mods, due to the fact that the space of an 18650 battery is taken up by the squonk bottle.
  • Removing, filling and inserting the squonk bottle can be a bit of a hassle ir your mods was not designed for convenience.
  • Most squonk mods come with cheap bottles that are not airtight, and therefore do not squonk well.

Most of these problems can be solved by investing in better squonk bottles like the Cappy v4, Supersoft, ModMaker or Lukkos Silk bottles. Refilling can be made a whole lot easier with the Supersoft Refill bottle. I explained abou them a little bit in this video, but I will go into the details when I publish my separate video on squonking bottles.

You see mechanical squonk mods becoming more popular because a DNA75 or DNA60 regulated squonk mods simply cannot deliver the type of RDA experience most people are used to. However, mechanical squonk mods are not beginner devices, and you should proceed with caution before getting one.

Stay tuned for my next video in Squonk Week, where I have planned a series of videos to explain and promote the idea of squonking.

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I truly believe that squonking is the future for me. I have become disillusioned with RDTAs and “Super Sub-ohm” tanks recently, and I do not see my self review more of them.

In my experience, only an RDA can give me the best flavor, and only squonking can free me from dripping.

This video was a part of my “Squonk Week” series. Here are the other squonking-related videos:

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