Wicking Wars – The Ultimate Quest for Flavor

Wicking Wars – The Ultimate Quest for Flavor

What is Wicking Wars?

Wicking wars is a flavor-driven championship where two different brands of cotton (or cotton-like materials) go head-to-head, and only on comes out a winner. The championship starts with eight different brands that I am personally most familiar with, and one is eliminated in each episode.

My goal through Wicking Wars is to find one go-to wicking material that I can use in all my reviews, confident that I have tested them all in a systematic manner and discovers the winner.

If your brand of cotton is not features in Wicking Wars season 1, do send me your samples for inclusion in Season 2.

How Is The Winner Determined?

I use the same setup throughout the contest to ensure consistency – the Wismec Theorem, the Cfiber mod, 22g Alien wire (o.5Ohm), and the I Love Donuts 6mg juice.

I do a blind test on both setups, and announce which brand gives me the best flavor profile. I then eliminate the loser, and we move on to the next battle until a winner is crowned in the finale.

Watch All Episodes

Here are all the episodes, start with the introduction to understand more about Wicking Wars, and why I am doing this. I upload a new episode every Tuesday. Click the Subscribe button to get notification of new episodes.

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About The Author

Geekay Vapes

I smoked for 20 years, before giving it up for vaping. My first month of vaping was an absolute nightmare, and I had to deal with way too much information. I kept going for only one reason: I really wanted to quit smoking. Now I want to teach others how to enjoy vaping. Through this blog and my YouTube channel, I hope to help newbies get started and enjoy vaping, and most importantly, never return to smoking!


  1. Antonio

    I’m eagerly awaiting the next season!!! Love this fresh new idea and I love your videos!

  2. Ross

    WTF man?!! wicking wars already ur slacking off

    • Geekay Vapes

      Yeah I am.. got to get back up to speed. Next Tuesday for sure!

  3. robbie

    So glad your using Native Wicks this season i asked for it and you did it thanks for listening to us and everything you do keep up the great work can’t wait for WICKING WARS 2 to start

    • Geekay Vapes

      This week definitely, missed last week to get some things right before I start the season..

  4. Graham

    I love wicking wars and clone reviews geekay. Dont stop after season 2, need coil master pro cotton, rabbit stuff and Jai’s couch cotton lol.

    • Geekay Vapes

      I will finish season 2 for sure.

  5. Graham

    Ok so this season is done. Gonna be KGD vs Rayon again, can you do KGD vs Cotton Bacon after Rayon wins? If you do season 3 I’d just leave Rayon out and have the winner take on winner of KGD vs Cotton Bacon. I’ve done my own and found KGD the best cotton too, Coil Master Pro Cotton is very good as well but hard to work with. Comes in uneven shaped balls you roll out, even the thickness changes throughout it.

  6. Timothy L Klopper

    I was wondering if your ever going to do an episode on coil material. That’d be cool

  7. JennIfer

    When will you do another wicking war video? I hope it’s soon. I really love the videos!!

  8. Michael

    I broke down and ordered ko gen doh cotton (huge amount for price v. Marketed vape product) Andy I have to say my juice and experience it totally different. Even when I screwed up a wick the dry hit was not so horrible, not that it is something I look forward to.

    Besides the request for different coil material, which I also would like to see, I am curious if you exerience different vape flavor with different battery specifications. I do not feel I have my head in it enough to use mechs. I use regulated mods, and going from different types of batteries produces different taste to me. I assume this this something mech vapers calculate into their setup for sweet spots onto of safety.


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