The Best Squonk / Bottom-Feeding Mods

Squonk mods used to be a curious hobby, with the Reo setting up an unlikely sub-culture of vaping called “squonking” in 2011. How the term “squonking” itself came to be is somewhat of a mystery, but that’s what it’s called today. Squonk mods are also called “bottom-feeding mods” or “bottom feeder” or just squonkers.

A squonk mod is typically a mech or single 18650 battery device that powers up to 60-75 watts, although you can find DNA-powered 200-watt squonkers today. The key difference here is that there is a bottle partially concealed in the mod itself, with a cutout for squeezing it (squonking it). You can push the e-liquid up through a tube into a hollow 510 center pin, straight up into your RDA.

This means that you can comfortably carry around up to 10ml of juice in an all-in-one package, avoiding the need to constantly drip. There are many different squonking RDAs that you can choose from to complement your squonk mod, from clones to authentics.

I’ve compiled a lit of the best squonk mods you can buy today below, so you can explore squonking even if you are on a budget. I’ve left out custom-made squonk box mods, because they are hard to buy and I don’t think they offer anything more than what these mods below already do.

Beginner Squonk Kits

Low-cost squonkers perfect for getting started. These contain a squonk mod and squonk RDA as a complete kit.

Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit

Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit ($45)

Although I list the Pulse BF mod seperately below, this is the Pulse BF Kit which I think is a pretty amazing setup. You get a matte black mod with translucent doors, matching translucent driptip, matte black Pulse 24mm RDA, and dark bottle / battery adapter.

Vandy vape took what they already did with Tony B from the Vaportrail channel, and fine tuned it into a sexy-looking squonk kit. Plus, they are releasing a whoe range of doors and driptips avaiable seperately that should fit any previous version of the Pulse BF mod.

Compatible with both 18650 and 20700 battery, 8ml capacity. Overall, a fantastic value for money and a good-looking setup that just works. 

Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit

Wismec Luxotic Kit ($48)

This was surprising from Wismec, which seemed to be making more of the same since the Predator. However, it was a welcome surprise indeed. Fits a single 18650 battery, this is an unregulated mod with 5-clicks on/off and safety features. 

The bottle capacity is indeed 6.5ml, and newer kits come with the redesigned silicone squonk bottle. You can also pick up lots of different replacement panels, bottles and accesories.

For me, I enjoyed using the Luxotic and the RDA it comes with, along with the provided coils. I love the weight, feel and looks of the mod.

Asmodus Spruzza Squonk Kit

Asmodus Spruzza Kit ($115)

Although this costs more than the other options here, the price is justifiable considering is has stabilized wood doors and is a regulated mod.

Powered by the GX-80-HUT chip, it does up to 80w using a single 18650 battery. It can also do temp control. The squonking system is a proprietary  Smart Siphon System (SSS) that has a liquid pump lever. It has an 8ml capacity, using a Billlet-style liquid box instead of a silicone botttle.

Comes with the Oni-one RDA, which is a 24mm single-coil RDA.

Halycon Squonk Box Mod

Geekvape Gbox 200W & Radar RDA ($51)

The Gbox is now in the second generation, and it looks way better than the first rendition. Plus, it now does up to 200w in power mode, has a Bypass mode, and handles Temperature Control.

It’s a dual-18650 mod that comes with an 8ml squonk bottle and the Radar RDA. I’m putting this first on the list not because it’s the best, but because it’s something that would satisfy most people.

The con is the large size, but hey you have many other squonk mod options below..

Geekvape Athena

Geekvape Athena ($69)

Geekvape was surprising absent from the entire squonking scene, until this mechanical squonk kit right here. It also comes with an RDA, and has interesting features like locking switch. I will be reviewing this soon, so that’s all I can say for now.

It’s exciting to see Geekvape in the squonk world, but I do hope to get the option to buy just the mod. Typically, the RDAs that are included in kits like this tend to suck. Take a look at my best squonk RDAs list for better options.

Geekvape Athena

Aspire Feedlink & Revvo Kit ($69)

Aspire’s only entry into squonking looks pretty good. The Feedlink is an unregulated mod with basic safety features. Powered by a single 18650 battery, it has a 7ml proprietary squonk bottle that is bottom-inserted.

Comes with the Revvo RDTA, which uses the “Arc” coil system. It’s a flat “stove-top” coil designed by Aspire. The Revvo is a 24mm RDA and uses top-airflow.

However, you can use any bottom-feeding RDA with the Feedlink.

Dripbox Squonk Mod

HCigar Magic Box ($38)

The Hcigar Magic Box is a mechanical squonk mod with the Maze V1.1 RDA. This mod left many people scratching their heads, as I explained in my HCigar Magix Box review

However, I still think it deserves to be in this list. It works, hits pretty hard, and does come with an included RDA. It has a locking button, that works under normal use.

Uses a single 18650 battery. The styling is a bit too aggressive I think, some people will be turned off by it.

Hcigar VT Inbox DNA75 Squonk Mod

VT Inbox by Hcigar ($79)

The HCigar VT Inbox (the name sucks!) is powered by the DNA75 chipset and a single 18650 battery. Fires up to 75W and does all the temp control you need.

It has that classic box shape and squonk cutout, as well as replaceable panels so you can keep changing the look over time.

It’s firmware upgradeable and customizeable, via Escribe. You can charge via USB, and the squonk bottle has an 8ml juice capacity. The kit comes with the Maze V1.1 RDA as a complete bottom-feeding kit.

At 24mm wide you will be spoilt for choice when getting a good bottom-feeding RDA for your VT Inbox. The VT Inbox is a winner in terms of power, customizeability and overall value for money.

Dripbox Squonk Mod

Eleaf Pico Squeeze ($31)

Eleaf’s answer to the Dripbox, the Pico Squeeze is the unregulated, squonk version of it’s popular Pico mini-mod. Powered by a single 18650 with USB charging and capable of 50w, the Pico Squeeze retains the signature battery cover of the Pico and comes in many different colors.

Like the Dripbox, it has no screens and no frills. It fires between 0.15 – 3.5ohm, although it would struggle with anything below 0.3ohm in my experience. The bottle holds 6.5ml, and the bottom-feeding design is also very similar to the Dripbox.

The kit comes with the Coral RDA, which is again very similar to the Dripmod. The deck is replaceable and controlled via top airflow.

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Complete your squonking experience by ditching your the lame RDA that came with your kit, and try out something from this awesome list today.

Regulated / Temp Control Squonk Mods

Want to vape with temp control? Need more wattage? These may be what you are looking for. The options below are for a squonk mod only and do not come with any RDA.

Vandyvape Pulse 80W Squonk Mod

Vandyvape Pulse 80W ($75)

The most anticipated regulated squonk mod in 2018, the Vandyvape Pulse is like the Volkswagen of squonk mods. It’s affordable, well-built and future-proof.

Powered by the new Vandy Chip and a single 18650/20700 battery. Features a custom silicone bottle that has a 8ml capacity.

Delayed multiple times, but I’m glad it finally arrived. Backed by experience from the mech Pulse, you get a range of doors and bottles offered by Vandyvape at a reasonable price.

Top-rated regulated squonk mod for the price.

Hotcig RSQ Squonk Mod

HotCig / RigMods RSQ ($80)

This mod is very well-built, soild as a rock and feels really good in your hands. For a regulated squonk mod, it’s also pretty small. One unique feature here is the LED that lights up the squonk bottle. It can be customized to the color of your choice or turned off. 

The RSQ uses the HM chip that allows you to vape in wattage up to 80w, in TC and in Bypass mode. The HM chip works well but has a couple of bugs that can be fixed with a firmware update. 

Two 7ml bottles, one soft silicone and the other soft plastic, bit work pretty well. The best looking, and overall best value squonk mod.

Aleader Killer Squonk Mod

Aleader Killer 80w Squonk Mod ($35)

There are two versions of this, the older full resin and the newer aluminimum alloy mody mod with resin panels. Personally I prefer the older full resin version.

Capable of 80w using a single 18650 battery, the Killer mod can also do Temperature Control and has a Bypass mode which I absolutely love. The included 7ml squonk bottle isn’t that great but it works. You should be able to use other squonk bottles in here.

Therion DNA75 Squonk Mod

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod ($99)

Powered by a dual 18650 battery, the Rage is capable of 155W plus temperature control. With the screen and button on the side, it has an unusual but perhaps more effective design for a dual-battery squonk mod. 

The squonk bottle is inserted from the bottom, a proprietary design with 7ml juice capacity. If you love more power, this mod looks to be the winner.

Again, considering the fact that it holds two batteries, I think the design (including the 510 position) is pretty well thought out. 

Therion DNA75 Squonk Mod

Therion BF by Lost Vape ($125)

Powered by a single 18650 battery, the Lost Vape Therion BF is the squonk version of the popular Therion. It’s powered by the DNA75C chipset, which means you can do all sorts of temperature control settings on this one.

Firmware upgradeable and customizeable, thanks to the Escribe software. You can charge via USB, and it holds a generous 11ml of juice. A 24mm RDA would still look pretty on the Therion BF.

In this updated version, you get a soft silicone squonk bottle and also a 30ml silicone refill bottle, but no included RDA.

Hcigar Aurora Squonk Mod

Hcigar Aurora ($47)

The Aurora is Hcigar’s latest squonk mod. While the VTInbox uses a DNA chip, the Aurora uses Hcigar’s proprieatary board.

Capable of 80W and temperature control, and compatible with a single 18650/20700/21700 battery. Features a 7ml silicone squonk bottle.

Artic Dolphin Anita Squonk Mod

Anita by Artic Dolphin ($42)

The Anita by Artic Dolphin is not over-hyped, yet affordable regulated squonk mod at just above $40. Comes in many different finishes including a wood grain finish. However, these are just stickers and the mod itself is made of plastic.

Capable of 80W and temperature control, and compatible with a single 18650/20700/21700 battery. Features a 7ml silicone squonk bottle.

Awesome Squonk Bottles for Your Squonk Mod!

Don’t pay a bomb in shipping fees for overpriced silicone bottles. You can get amazing Lukos Silk clones and 510 refill bottles for under $5 each!

Mechanical & Unregulated Squonk Mods

Get raw power like you would from a mechnical mod. I also include some unregulated (has a wire) mods that have some safety measures. These are mods only, no RDA included.

Hugovapor Squeezer Squonk Mod

Hugo Vapor Squeezer ($20) 

A blazing entry by Hugo Vapor, this is a crowd favorite mechanical squonker. Made of ABS plastic, the package comes with two silicone squonk bottles and a refill bottle. 

You can use a single 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery with the Squeezer. It has 8ml capacity and a locking switch. For the price, this package has incredible value!

It also hits pretty hard, and a surprising contender for best affordable mech squonker.

LostVape Furyan Squonk Mod

LostVape Furyan ($75) 

This surprising entry from Lostvape shows how much they keep in touch with higher-end squonk mods. Although only released on two variations, people are already raving about the Lostvape Furyan. 

It is a mechanical squonk mod, with a custom squonk bottle system that allows for 9ml juice capacity. It supports a single 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery. It looks classy, and has a very high-end feel.

It also features a locking switch for safety. Overall, a great mod for the price.

Thunderstorm by Thunderhead Creations

Thunderstorm by Thunderhead Creations ($56) 

A relatively unknown mechanical squonk mod made of PBS plastic, and a spring-loaded fire button in stainless steel.. 

Compatible 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery. It it pretty compact considering but still larger than the Squeezer. The Thunderstorm has an 8ml silicone squonk bottle.

Asmodus Pumper Squonk Mod

Asmodus Pumper ($119)

This is a unregulated, stabilized wood mod designed for a single 18650 battery.

Similar to the Spruzza, it uses the  Smart Siphon System (SSS) that has a liquid pump lever. It has an 8ml capacity, using a bottom-inserted silicon bottle and proprietary pump.

Overshadowed by the Luna and Spruzza, you rarely hear about the Pumper.However, it does look like another solid mod from Asmodus.

Innokin Liftbox Squonk Mod

Innokin Liftbox Bastion ($85)

The Innokin Liftbox made waves with it’s innovative squonking system. Called the LIFT system, it automatically squonks liquid to the RDA with every vape.

This unregulated mod uses a single 18650 battery, and has an 8ml juice capacity. The mod allows for a minimum resistance of 0.1 Ohm

Comes in many different colors, without an RDA. Thumbs up to Innokin for this innovation, flaws and all.

DotSquonk by DotMod BF Mod

DotSquonk by Dotmod ($99)

DotMod sure know how to make sexy products, and the latest DotSquonk is no exception. Clean, smooth and colorful like their other stuff, but with an affordable price tag. 

The DotSquonk uses a single 18650/20700 battery, and has a custom 11ml bottle. You might notice that the bottle and squonk hole is in an unusual position, but it doesn’t really effect your squonking except for force of habit. 24k gold plated buttons and 510 for that extra luxury.

Clone Hidra Squonk Mod

SVA Punto Zero ($40 Clone)

This YTFK version of the popular SVA Punto Zero Mod is a great deal for those who prefer mechanical squonkers. It apparently also has a double Mosfet switch, which basically makes for a softer press and easier maintenance.

Available in black or white Delrin, and comes with a 8ml bottle. The bottle isn’t the best, but you can get replacement squonk bottles by YTFK that are Lukos Silk clones for about $4.

Discontinued Squonk Mods

Some great mods that have been discontinued, or are very rare. I will leave them here for a while before removing them completely from this list.

Dripbox 160 Squonk Mod

Dripbox 160 by Kangertech ($52)

After the success of the Dripbox, Kangertech released a beefed-up, regulated 160 watt version they called Dripbox 160.

The Dripbox 160 has everything the original Dripbox did not; more power, dual 18650 batteries, a screen, better build quality, a Velocity-styled atomizer, temperature control modes and an extra squonk bottle.

It maintained the 10ml-capacity bottles, and USB charging. The one cons with this is that anything larger than a 22mm RDA will overhand. The Geekvape Gbox above is currently a better version of this.

Dripbox Squonk Mod

Kangertech Dripbox ($27)

Without doubt, the Kanger Dripbox is the ultimate squonk mod / squonk RDA starter kit. If you want to give squonking a try, this is a no-brainer. The kit contains a 60 watt unregulated mod, without screens or fancy gimmicks. It has the basic battery safety features, making it safer than a mechanical mod especially for beginners.

The Kanger Dripbox comes it three colors and can be charged via USB. The Subdrip atomizer has pre-built, swappable and rewickable coils. The kit makes sense, and that’s why it’s one of the best-selling bottom-feeding mods of all time, taking squonking to the masses.

Lost Vape Drone BF Squonking Mod

Lost Vape Drone BF ($167)

After the success of their DNA mods like the Therion and Triade, comes this beastly 166 watt squonk mod powered by the Evolve DNA50 chip and dual 18650 batteries.

It uses dual 18650 batteries, and is very similar in shape to the Lost Vape Triade. The 11ml-capacity bottle is probably the most generous in this list, which of course is the same for the Therion BF mod.

The only gripe I have about the Lost Vape Drone is that it looks so dull. When I first heard the rumours, I pictured a Triade with all its class, and a bottle instead of a third battery. The Drone didn’t deliver on that for me, looks the worst among all the other squonk mods you see here.

Halycon Squonk Box Mod

Halcyon by Lost Vape ($179)

The Halcyon squonk box mod is powered by the DNA200 chipset and built-in 900mah LiPo battery. While it looks more like a traditional squonk mod, it’s also the most expensive mod I list here – which may make it out of the beginner’s budget.

It has an 8ml juice bottle, supports all types of wires via Escribe for the DNA200, and is more accurate in temperature control than the Kanger Dripbox, Movkin Disguiser or any other non-DNA squonker. Also, like other DNA200 devices, the firmware is upgadeable.

It can be charged via USB or you can get an extra LiPo battery and charge it separately. Since the width is 25mm, it will fit larger bottom-feeding RDAs.

YTFK SVA Mod Clone DNA75

SVA DNA75 ($89 Clone)

The SVA mod is one of the most sought-after squonk mod, but good luck trying to get one brand new. It also costs a bomb. The YTFK clone can give you an alternative, with an authentic DNA75 board inside the mod!

The body is Delrin and carbon fiber (like the authentic) and the engravings look exactly like the authentic. The bottle capacity is 6.8ml.

Clone Hidra Squonk Mod

Hidra Squonk Mod ($30 Clone)

Another clone of a popular and expensive squonk mod, the Hidra. This is a mechanical mod with an 8ml bottle. You can get replacement bottles on the website as well.

The body is Delrin, but at the moment there’s very little information about the Hidra clone squonk mod.

Clone Hidra Squonk Mod

SVA Kimech ($45 Clone)

One of the best, hardest-hitting semi-mechanical squonk mods out there today. This clone by YFTK is based on the SVA Kimech, which sells for around $1,000 in various Facebook groups.

It’s near impossible to get one from the source. The clone is by far the best offered by YFTK in terms of quality. The Mosfet switch hits perfectly, and the form factor is so comfortable.

Uses a single 18650 battery and a Supersoft bottle clone with 7ml capacity. Imagine that you can buy more than 20 of these for the market price of the authentic!