Sponsorship & Advertising

Communicate Your Message Or Brand To A Hungry Audience!

As you know, it’s impossible for a vape company to advertise on FaceBook or Google due to the unfair categorization as a tobacco product! That sucks for your business.

Here’s the good news: I can send you high-quality, English-speaking visitors eager to try your new juice line, mod or atomizer for a reasonable cost.

Since I started this blog and my YouTube channel, I’ve spent months carefully curating the content and building the traffic base. As you can see from the stats below, my readership is growing rapidly, and you can benefit from locking in your ads at a low price.

Here are the sponsorships & ads I offer for the GeekayVapes YouTube channel & website:

  • Primary Sponsor ($1,000 per 30 days) – This is the ultimate sponsorship & advertising I can offer. Your logo appears in the opening animation for all videos, and your website URL will be in the description box of every video. As a sponsor you will also get all the ads offered below, and occasional product placement in the videos. Maximum 4 sponsors only, 3-month minimum.
  • Sponsored Post ($200 per post) – I will write a 300-500 word editorial about your new launch, product line, company profile or other event. The post will include up to 5 images, and 3 links to your website, social media or store.
  • Top Spot Leaderboard ($150 per 30 days) -Ads appear in right on top on all GeekayVapes.com pages and post, including the homepage. Ad size should be a maximum of 936px wide and 120pixels tall. JPEG, PNG or GIF images only below 100kb. Ad rotates up to a maximum of 6 spots. Mobile responsive.
  • Sidebar Banner ($50 per 30 days) -Ads appear in the sidebar of all GeekayVapes.com pages and post, including the homepage. Ad size should be a maximum of 200px wide and 200pixels tall. JPEG, PNG or GIF images only below 100kb. Ad rotates up to a maximum of 10 spots. Mobile responsive.

You can subscribe monthly to lock in your ad rates, and you can update the graphics at any time. Please contact me to arrange for invoice and to submit your banners.


Sponsorship & Ads Inquiry

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Some simple terms:

  • I do not sell product reviews for my Youtube channel. For product review videos, contact me to send me your products. Only suitable products that I like and / or that I think is suitable for my audience will be reviewed on my channel, no guarantees.
  • Payment and subscription is via PayPal, you can cancel your subscription at any time within PayPal, and your ads will continue to serve for the remainder of current subscription.
  • Only vape or vape-related ads are allowed.
  • No nudity or obscenity.

YouTube Statistics & Charts

Here are some quick information about my Youtube channel.

Vape Advertising

26,000 Subs + 5 Million Views

Over the past 24 months I grew the channel from nothing to 25,000+ subscribers and over 5 million views. My subscribers are very into rebuildable atomizers, squonking, mods, mech mods and e-liquids.

Vape Advertising

45% From US, UK & Europe

The majority of Youtube subscribers are from the United States and UK, with other Europen countries like Germany as well. Surprising larger following in Malaysian and Philippines as well, to help you get exposure to the growing Asian market.

Vape Advertising

Great Audience Demographic

The majority of Youtube subscribers and viewers are Male (95%) between 25-45 years old. This is a great demographic with expendable income and a passion for trying new stuff.

Quick Website Statistics & Charts

Here are some quick information about this website’s performance that you need.

Vape Advertising

30,000+ Monthly Visits

On average, this site has received 30,000 visits per month, although the traffic is growing.

The average pageview is 50,000 per month, with a great bounce rate. A lot of my visitors are return visitors, and are very engaged in the site’s content and auctions.

Vape Advertising

6o% From US, Canada & Europe

The majority of my visitors are from developed countries with visitors from the United States alone accounting for 33% of all traffic.

This means you can get your brand in front of people with great spending power and high credit card usage for online purchases.

Vape Advertising

67% English-Speaking Audience

The majority of this site’s audience understand English, and will be able to respond to your message or promotion.

There’s nothing better than heads nodding in agreement to what you’re saying!

Vape Advertising

Real Organic & Social Traffic

All visitors are real, 63% from search engines like Google. Other top traffic sources are social media networks, and referrals from forums.

A lot of my content is unique, and people share it on their social media accounts regularly. I do not inflate the traffic with paid ads or other means.