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Best MTL Tanks & RDA

MTL is making a huge comeback in 2018, and I want to help you choose the best stuff.

Best Squonking RDA

Get an amazing vape with this handpicked list of bottm-feeding RDAs & RDTAs.

Best Squonk Mods

Squonk mods are now more affordable than ever! Here's a complete list of the best squonker.

Best DNA Mods

Here's a list of the most affordable  regulated mods powered by Evolve DNA boards.

Best Vape Starter Kits

Want to start vaping? there's a starter kit for every type of vaper and every budget.

Best Vape Chargers

Vape safe with these reliabe, accurate and affordable external battery chargers.

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ESG Skyfall – The $200 RDA!

What can you expect from a $200 RDA? Some people will expect a lot, especially today when you have so many places where $200 can get you pretty good vape stuff. In the build up to the ESG Skyfall release, I remember seeing a clip of the 5-axis...

Geekvape Creed RTA – Replaceabe Airflow in a Tank?

So we've seen this before in a lot of new RDAs - replaceable airflow inserts. We've also seen in the Skyline and a few other tanks, although the Skyline still does it the best. This concept of replaceable airflow options makes the tank a whole lot more flexible to a...

SVA Punto Zero Autofired & Burned

I have heard similar stories before, seen the pictures, but never thought it would happen to me. Then it did, and it was over in an instant. I bought my SVA Punto Zero not long ago from a local shop called Oriental Vape, and I really fell in love with it. The...

LostVape Furyan – High-End Looks on Affordable Squonk Mod?

I'm still waiting for this to arrive, but I think LostVape has done a fantastic job with this. The Lostvape Furyan is their latest squonk mod, with the last mod they released, the Therion, now considered "old". Unlike the Therion BF which is a regulated DNA75C squonk...

DPM Li-Mo DNA75c Review – 20700 Version!

Since my initial discovery of the DPM Li-Mo, I've always kept an eye out for new Li-Mo versions. I've seen the Li-Mo go through some practical changes, especially to the squonk door and bottle design. I've also picked up another Li-Mo DNA60,...

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